How Your Internal SEO Strategy Can Benefit from External SEO Services

Written by: Jason Bayless | November 12, 2012

You might have an internal SEO guru working in your company. Maybe it’s your webmaster, who updates your web content and makes sure it’s optimized for search engine robots to the best of his or her knowledge. Maybe it’s someone in marketing, who writes and releases press releases with plenty of links and juicy keywords as well as updating your web content on a regular basis. Or maybe it’s someone else who works on your website when they’re not busy with other tasks.

That person apparently knows what they’re doing, and seems to be doing a great job. So why should you hire an external professional SEO firm?

Professional SEO firms have consultants with a wide array of skill sets. One person can’t be an expert at everything. Writing, web design, SEO tools and software, and the latest trends in the SEO landscape are simply too much for one person to keep up with, even if your company’s resident SEO guru is a genius.

A professional SEO team can accomplish more, faster. It’s a question of bandwidth. An external SEO team can do a lot at once, from restructuring your website to make it easier for search engine robots to crawl and index, to writing or rewriting large amounts of web content with both SEO and quality in mind.

Your onsite SEO person will learn new SEO techniques. Participating in a professional SEO campaign designed by experts is a fantastic way for your internal SEO person or team to learn about SEO best practices, techniques and the best way to keep your SEO momentum going after the initial campaign. They’ll learn how to write SEO-ready content that uses the best keywords based on keyword research and analysis. Plus, they’ll have a professional SEO team to call with any questions, concerns or ideas that come up.

Your SEO provider can help boost your company’s exposure through social media. Most SEO companies have discovered the power of combining on-page SEO tactics with social media, and those companies often have their own large followings on social networks like Twitter. They can help with social media-based demand generation campaigns, and also give your internal SEO guy or gal tips on making the best use of your own social media pages and accounts.

If you have an SEO-savvy employee on your team already, that’s great! That person can learn new SEO techniques and help run your SEO campaigns going forward. But having input from a reputable SEO company that can also teach your internal SEO maven a thing or two is a smart choice, because it’s cheaper than using an external company for all your SEO needs but still accomplishes your SEO goals.

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