How to Optimize Your Facebook Page for SEO

Written by: Jason Bayless | September 11, 2017

“Your Facebook Business Page is still one of the most valuable pieces of virtual real estate your company can own. It is an easy place for your customers and prospects to engage with your brand and a great distribution channel for your content.

May people believe that is is difficult to optimize your Facebook Page for search, but nothing could be further from the truth. By following a few simple steps, your Facebook Page can be perfectly optimized for search and you will be on your way to being discovered by a whole new world of customers.

1 – Your Facebook Page Name
The name of your Facebook Page may seem obvious, but many companies go about this the wrong way. They think it will be beneficial to the to stuff as many keywords into the name of their page as possible. This is wrongheaded thinking.

Facebook is making a concerted effort to weed out those marketers who provide spammy content and links. Don’t get caught up with those people.

Your company name should be first followed by your main keyword. Your page name could look something like, “Bob’s Bagels – Organic Bakery” or just “Bob’s Bagels.”

2 – Create A Custom URL
When you first create a Facebook Page your URL will look something like this, “” That will be almost impossible for any prospective customer to remember and it doesn’t help with SEO.

Once you get 25 page likes you can then create a custom URL that can include your business name, location, or keyword. Since URL’s are one of the SEO ranking factors, it is imperative that you get your own custom Facebook URL as soon as possible.

3 – Use Keywords Throughout Your Page
Just like your company website, you should use your main keywords throughout your Facebook Page.

You should focus on the About, Mission, and Company description for this purpose. It goes without saying that you should make the usage of these keywords seem as natural as possible.

4 – Add Your Address And Phone Number
By adding your name, address, and phone number (NAP) you are increasing the chances that your page will be discovered by a larger audience. Search engines like Google place higher importance on those pages that have this information.

Indexing your Facebook Page for local search will help your overall SEO, so do not leave out this step.

5 – Build Links To Your Page
Building links is still an important element of SEO so you should build some quality links to your Facebook Page. The easiest links can be created from your company website and your other social media profiles.

Like any other backlink profile, you should focus on quality over quantity. You wouldn’t build spammy links to your company website, so do not do it to your Facebook Page.

By following these five simple steps you will have you Facebook Page fully optimized for search and ready to reach a whole new group of customers. Remember that the overall purpose of your facebook Page is to provide value and engage with your customers. Ranking higher in the SERPs will give you a larger platform to deliver your message.”