How to Optimize Your eCommerce Site

Written by: Jason Bayless | March 07, 2018

Optimizing an eCommerce site is necessary whether you are just breaking into a new market or if you simply want to expand and grow in the online marketplace. Optimization helps to imrprove the ranking and placement of your website’s URL in top search engines such as Bing, Yahoo!, and Google. When you optimize your eCommerce site, maximize your reach to potential customers who have a genuine interest in what type of products or services you provide.

Research Top Keywords for Your Industry or Niche

Researching the top keywords and phrases used within your industry or niche is a great way to get started when you are optimizing your eCommerce site. Learn which products and phrases work to attract top search results and put tools such as Google Trends to use. Google Trends allows you to track multiple keywords and phrases over time simultaneously, providing quick insight into the most trendy topics and products in your industry within seconds.

Install SEO Plugins

When you are selling locally, implementing local SEO is optimal to boost traffic while helping to generate leads and revenue. Local SEO helps to improve your professional reputation while increasing your visibility to potential customers regardless of the device they are using to shop.

Optimize the Layout of Your Homepage

Having a website that focuses on your products and provides easy navigation is imperative with all eCommerce sites. When you want to avoid a high bounce rate (when visitors leave upon visiting the first page on your website), use a layout that grabs their attention and instantly informs them of the type of products or services you are selling. Keep what visitors see immediately upon visiting your website and how someone unfamiliar with your business may feel before going live.

Research the competition in your industry to compare homepage layouts of the most successful companies in your niche. Becoming familiar with the most successful methods of gaining traffic online with a homepage layout can greatly increase the SEO of your site altogether.

Use a Modern and Appealing Template

Using a modern and appealing template for your eCommerce site is optimal to keep users interested in the content you share and the products you display. Not only is it important to deliver an appealing layout for your brand, but it is also ideal to boost your credibility while building trust with new and loyal customers. Visually-appealing online stores help visitors view you and your business as a professional entity, rather than an unfamiliar stranger they are unsure of whether or not they should trust.

Updated templates with integrated SEO plugins also help web crawlers to detect all of the pages, posts, and products you have published live on your site. When web crawlers discover your website and various links to other pages throughout your site, the links become available in search results.

Integrate Social Media Plugins

Integrating social media plugins with your eCommerce site is possible with the use of CMS such as WordPress along with WooCommerce, providing maximimum flexibility when reaching potential customers on all platforms. Social media plugins allow you to display social sharing icons on specific posts and product pages to help increase shareability and visibility. The more your pages are shared using social media, the higher up your website appears in top search engines (using relevant keywords).

With the right tools and preparation, optimizing your eCommerce store is possible for free and without coding and programming knowledge. Learning more about the algorigthms of search engines, trending keywords, and proper formatting when publishing new content is the key to a truly optimized eCommerce shop with the potential to succeed and truly outperform all competition.