How to Optimize a Real Estate website for SEO

Written by: Jason Bayless | February 20, 2015

Many consumers who are in the market to purchase a new home or even to list their own home for sale in the near future will turn to the Internet to conduct research well before they make a decision to contact a real estate agent. They may be using their online search to estimate their own property value before finalizing a decision to move, to see the quality of the home they could afford to buy and more. As a real estate broker, it is in your interest to entice these consumers to visit your own website. Through your website, you can position yourself as an expert, gather contact information for follow up sales efforts and more. Optimizing your website for SEO is a great way to ensure that your website is one of the few that consumers will visit when conducting online research, and this is because SEO can help your website to receive a better SEO ranking with online search result. There are a few steps that you can take to ensure that your website is optimized appropriately to receive the best ranking possible.

Select Localized and Targeted Keywords

The basis of search engine optimization lies in selecting the right keywords and phrases to target with your online content, but this can be more challenging than it seems. For example, if you use “houses for sale” as your keyword, the consumer may find listings or information on houses from markets across the country and beyond. Instead, you may consider more refined and even localized keywords. Remember that even using a localized term such as “Los Angeles homes for sale” may reveal hundreds of results for the user. You may consider further refining your terms to specific neighborhoods or suburbs that you focus your efforts on. You may also target specific groups that you typically work with, such as those with corporate relocation packages, first-time home buyers, those looking for a move-up program and more.

Appeal to Your Target Audience

You may further refine your website’s content so that it is enriched with search terms that appeal to your target audience. For example, if you are focusing on senior or age-restricted communities, words related to a quiet and relaxed lifestyle, a golf course community and active seniors may be appropriate. Each audience segment may be looking for specific things in a home and in a community, and you can use your SEO-rich content to more effectively to target your consumers. Keep in mind that the new Google Pigeon update is penalizing websites that simply stuff their content with keywords, and it is rewarding those websites that provide true value in the content on their pages in a natural or organic way.

Include Keywords In All Online Marketing Efforts

Your SEO marketing efforts should also extend beyond your own website. When you prepare tweets for Twitter marketing, posts for Facebook updates or even new listings for MLS that will picked up by other outlets online, be sure to incorporate many of the keywords that you have chosen to use to target your consumers. For example, if you are targeting families looking to relocate to Burbank, you may mention terms like family, Burbank, great schools, parks and other related words when preparing a listing or when using social media. These will naturally or organically be linked back to your own website, and the result can be a higher ranking by Google and other search engine sites. In addition, this can also drive traffic to your website from other sources, which gives your efforts a synergistic effect.

While you want to create great content now for your website, you also want to keep your content fresh. If you believe that your content is great right now but it has been awhile since it has been updated, rewriting it with a fresh spin can help you to get a better ranking with Google and other search engines.