How To Best Leverage Your SEO Campaign

Written by: Jason Bayless | August 05, 2016
There are many ways that you can raise awareness of your brand or get more traffic to your site. One way is to create a focused SEO campaign. Before you start, you decide what the campaign will accomplish, what types of content that you will use and how social media may play a role in your campaign. Finally, you have to decide if you are going for paid SEO or organic. Regardless of what you choose, how can you best leverage your SEO campaign?

Make Sure You Track the Campaign’s Effectiveness

One thing to keep in mind as you run your campaign is that you need to keep track of its effectiveness throughout. This is because you want to get the most for your time and money. Therefore, your analytic tools are your best friend for the duration of the campaign, and hiring an outside expert may also be helpful in analyzing your data. If you notice that you aren’t getting as many likes, website hits or conversions, don’t hesitate to tweak your campaign to get best results.

You Generally Get the Most From Organic Traffic

Compared to paid traffic, you tend to convert more with organic traffic as well as generate higher levels of engagement. This is because an organic search comes from someone who was looking for what your site had to offer and did so without clicking on an ad or otherwise being pointed in your direction. If the visitor stays on your site, it is because he or she likes your content or finds it easier to find information about a given product or service.

Don’t Neglect Paid Traffic Either

While paid traffic may not bring as much traffic to your site, landing page or sales page, that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. As people tend to be blind to ads and may not trust them as much anymore, you can expect fewer people to click on them.

However, those who do click on them are looking for what you have for sale. They are then more likely to make a purchase or otherwise convert. In a way, you can think of organic traffic as people who wander into your store because it was the first one off of the highway.

While those people may tell their friends about this great place they saw, the odds are lower that they make a purchase because they don’t want or need anything in particular. Those who saw your ad on TV and come into your shop are there because they know what they want and that you have it. The reason for their trip was to make a specific purchase.

How Does Social Media Help?

Social media plays an important role in making sure your campaign works. It is where you can talk to people who have found your content and want to learn more. Good communication throughout a campaign can convert potential leads into sales. It can also help you find potential leads as your followers may point you toward other contacts who need or want what you have for sale. Remember, there are a variety of social networks like Facebook or Twitter where you can have full scale conversations in a quick, easy and cost-effective manner.

Leveraging SEO is effective and can keep costs down if done correctly. Make sure that you are always monitoring the effectiveness of your content and using a variety of channels and paid tools to get your content out to the people. If you can do that, the odds are good that you can increase your visibility and conversion rate.