How SEO Marketing Companies Can Help Your Business

Written by: Jason Bayless | December 12, 2014

SEO marketing companies are experts in optimizing an inbound marketing campaign, so they know how to bring targeted traffic to your blog or website. The traffic they bring to your website is made up of ideal customers, such as people who already want what you’re offering and are grateful to find your business.

For the past decade, promoting a business online has been all about inbound marketing. This strategy minimizes the risk of investing time into cold-calling and buying ads that you can’t be sure will really bring in customers. Targeted outbound marketing is reasonably efficient in this respect because it only puts ads in front of people who would potentially be interested in your product, but it still isn’t as efficient and powerful as inbound marketing.

How SEO Marketers Get Customers to Your Landing Page

The way inbound marketing works is by drawing customers to your website through a blog or how-to site that provides free information that your customers are naturally searching for online. It’s a much more human way to connect with your customers because it instantly begins building trust that only a helpful blog can establish. With outbound marketing, there’s no way to help your customers; it’s all about sending them a sales pitch about your product. With inbound marketing, you gain a level of trust that normally is only shared between friends.

When these readers find information on your website, they’re much more engaged than they would be if they merely had seen a banner ad or magazine ad with a sales message. They’re likely to click on a link taking them to your landing page, where they can read more information leading them to a solution to their problem and a call to action.

It’s the job of the SEO marketing agency to populate your blog with content that naturally draws the ideal customer to your website, and they do it by strategically placing keywords in article titles, subheadings and bodies that turn up in Internet search results. SEO marketing isn’t all about keywords, though, and most of the time, keywords are treated suspiciously by the big search engines. The most important part of organic search engine optimization is providing useful content for your readers.

SEO Marketing Best Practices

Most Web users search with Google, although there are competing search engines that get quite a bit of traffic. For the most part, Google sets the rules for search ranking, and SEO marketers need to know which algorithms Google is using. These algorithms don’t tell you how to provide great content, but they do tell you how not to get penalized for spamming or even how not to rank poorly due to improper formatting.

For example, a business offering local services to the community needs to rank highly for local searches, so a marketing agency needs to coach its clients on the proper content to include in blog posts or Web pages. Local content receives priority from Google if the important information is featured prominently within the content. However, competing businesses tend to fill up the search results with similar Web pages, so it’s necessary to differentiate your business with a message specifically tailored for a niche market.

Business websites that use inbound marketing usually set up blogs with articles that target market niches to bring in the traffic searching for these topics. There are seemingly endless niches within a market, and finding one of them allows you to differentiate your business from the competition. This concept applies to all markets, not just to local search results.

For example, a niche within the pet supplies market might be supplies for pet owners who enter into competitions. A pet supply company could target readers looking for information on this topic and bring them to a website. Then, the article describing supplies for pet competitions would contain a link to the website’s landing page with a call to action.