How and Why to Update Old Blog Posts for SEO

Written by: Jason Bayless | May 30, 2014

One piece of SEO advice you’ll hear almost everywhere you turn is that frequently updating your website and blog with quality content is a must to keep your PageRank high. But while you’re moving forward and creating new content, does it make sense to take a little time to revisit and revise your old content?

The answer to that is yes — because giving older content a facelift can help your PageRank as well as your blog’s usefulness for readers. Here are 9 reasons to update or edit your older blog posts:

  1. You might have a better, snappier writing style now than when you first started your blog. Or you might have hired a fantastic blog writer who can revitalize those older posts and give them what they’re missing.

  2. Links to other websites may be broken or outdated, or you might want to replace them with links to better or more relevant content.

  3. Something especially newsworthy might have happened that needs to be addressed in your blog coverage of that topic.

  4. You might want to change the style — such as from long, unwieldy paragraphs to punchier, shorter paragraphs and lists.

  5. If a blog post is so very old that it is completely irrelevant, but people still link to that page, you can add introductory text that discusses why the information is no longer current — and then link to a newer post on the topic. For example, you can update an outdated product review post with a link to newer posts on similar products.

  6. The blog post might have a big, slow-loading image or a formatting style you no longer use.

  7. The title and text may need to be updated to better reflect the content of the post or include more up-to-date keywords. (You should probably leave the URL permalink of the post the same, however, especially if other sites link to it.)

  8. The post might contain too many Amazon links or other affiliate links, which Google considers spammy behavior. Or the post may not contain enough links to other pages within your website. Remember, to keep visitors on your website longer, you have to help them find their way around as easily as possible.

  9. You might need to make an older blog post more mobile-friendly.

If you’ve been blogging a long time — maybe even since the time the word “blog” was coined — you probably have a lot of old posts you can go through and improve.

Or you might want to check your website traffic stats to see which posts are getting the fewest clicks, and then you can figure out how to make those posts more interesting. That’s a great thing to do when you’re temporarily out of fresh blog ideas but want to update your content on a regular schedule!

Don’t get rid of older blog content if you can help it. If the topic can be saved, added to, updated or improved in any way, then make those improvements and keep as much quality content on your site as possible for Google to index and readers to read.