Google’s New Think With Google Tool

Written by: Jason Bayless | October 07, 2016
Think With Google is a service that provides extremely useful and timely information for businesses and marketers. Although it was released last year, many people are still unaware of it. It has the format of an online magazine, with several different sections highlighting trends in various areas related to business and consumer behavior. As you’d expect, Think With Google is based on research that comes from Google’s own vast storehouse of data. This is a free service that you can access whenever you want. You can also subscribe. Let’s look at some of the features and benefits of Think With Google.

The Purpose of Think With Google

Although Think With Google is full of content on many topics that a general audience might find interesting, one of its main objectives is to help businesses conduct market research. Google provides many different tools that help people conduct keyword research, website rankings and other data. Think With Google is a less technical type of service, one that you can read like a traditional magazine.


One of the most popular sections of Think With Google is Micro-Moments. This is where Google collects and interprets consumer data from mobile phones. As people search for information, browse items for sale and actually make purchases, they reveal a great deal about themselves. As a marketer, you can use this information to learn more about your audience and its needs.

Consumer Behavior & Trends

This Think With Google section mines both Google searches and YouTube to discover current patterns of consumer behavior. When you read articles on these topics, you’re not just getting raw data. The information is analyzed and interpreted so businesses can make good use of it. For example, you’ll find articles on specific industries such as travel, food, sports, technology and many other industries.

Search trends and popular YouTube videos are constantly changing. There’s also such a huge amount of data that it’s difficult for anyone to make sense of it. The advantage of reading Think With Google is that you have experts from the people who actually collect this data to tell you what it means.

Mobile Advertising & Trends

This is a section where Google reveals the latest trends to help you improve your mobile advertising campaigns. This section overlaps somewhat with Micro Moments, which is also concerned with mobile. Here, however, the focus is mainly on using mobile for paid advertising, which is becoming ever more popular as more and more consumers use mobile phones to socialize, search and shop.

Planning Tools

Think With Google provides several useful planning tools that are helpful for marketers.

  • The Customer Journey to Online Purchase is a comprehensive map of the customer journey from search to purchase. Understanding every step of this process helps you create more effective ads, organic content and sales funnels.
  • The Display Benchmarks Tool gives you the ability to compare your advertising results with others. You can look at industry data on metrics such as click through rates and engagement. This information can be accessed in various formats and you can focus on criteria such as ad type and country.
  • Consumer Barometer uses data collected from 10 product categories and 45 countries to help identify which online sources consumers use when shopping. This is crucial information for anyone who is seeking to better engage with an online audience.

Benefits of Using Think With Google

Think With Google gives you a convenient way to keep up with the very latest data and see how it impacts your business. It helps you make sense out of the vast amount of data Google collects daily. Google, which has its own massive advertising platforms, has an incentive to help businesses. Subscribing to this free online resource is a way to make sure you understand consumer behavior and advertising trends.