Google Search Ranking & Algorithm Shifts

Written by: Jason Bayless | April 04, 2018

“To understand Google search ranking and algorithm shifts, please read this article. On the one hand, we must, of course, define the keywords and themes of a website to optimize the positioning of the pages of the site on the search engines. But, we must also rely on other media around a website such as video channels, social networks, the broadcasting of newsletters and a presence on other reference sites (such as blogs) that will allow you to trigger a positive SEO dynamic.

This guide presents SEO advice for showcases, e-Commerce websites, directories, bloggers, etc. This guide is also useful for all other sites and even for students who wish to find ideas for their studies. Remember, SEO tools can reveal the imperfections on the sites of your competitors. Indeed this point is necessary since the barrier is high in this area between beginners and SEO experts. Therefore, I am providing this guide which is a reference for beginners. Also, social networks are essential to an SEO strategy.

On the other hand, we should also pay attention to natural referencing and notions of popularity. To provide an example, branding is represented by the global ranking of your domain name. Remember, your organic traffic curve will become the most critical acquisition channel.

Except for some exceptions, and because of the advancement of the algorithms of Google and Bing, a website may go back in the first position during a period of notoriety. Therefore, you may wonder, “How is SEO designed and does it meet the expectations and demands of search engines?” The acquisition of a place in the magical first trio of search results and the efforts needed to maintain a position as a leader once acquired are the daily challenges of the SEO consultant.

Traditionally, the areas of improvement can be broken down into two main categories: internal SEO for your website and elements external to your website. The question is how will you do better than the competitors? To provide an example, look at your sector and analyze the top 3 competitors on your keywords. Criteria should also be used to analyze your website, and then you should look at the results as part of a SEO strategy to set up.

Carry out digital presence audits, which include an analysis of the natural referencing of customers, and you will often encounter the same errors in the optimization of sites, and the same omissions with a negative impact on SEO. If keywords are always the point of entry for SEO thinking, that is because they correspond to what users will type in the search engine. Therefore, keywords must be used at the first level of a marketing plan whose digital translation passes through the SEO.

Taking into account changes related to digital transformation is therefore essential to maintain methods, indicators, marketing and objectives. You may wonder, “Why should I link content marketing and SEO (search engine optimization)?” Keywords of the “”questions”” type are also to be targeted. Web users are increasingly using voice search to ask questions directly to Google. By analyzing these issues, we will first learn more about our target.

Rich Answers are growing. Match the keywords found in the searches of the users, and the results will be felt in the long run. SEO as optimization of your natural search engine indexing is a part of search engine marketing strategies. If this sounds logical, it is also necessary to provide SEO for each of your pages by contextualizing the message concerning your targets.

Optimizing the structure and content of your site is also essential. Recall some of the notions previously mentioned about SEO to understand what will help the success of an SEO strategy. In summary, for each of our pages, we want to avoid making SEO mistakes.”