Google Places Is Now Google My Business

Written by: Jason Bayless | December 19, 2014

Google Places has converted its name — and, in turn, some of its objectives — to Google My Business. Google My Business is a resource that grows out of the widely used Google Maps desktop and mobile applications. In this day and age, when mobile devices and accessing a wealth of information from them, Google My Business is becoming a highly important resource for consumers and businesses alike.

Overview of Google My Business

At its essence, Google My Business interacts with Google Maps in a variety of ways. First, a consumer may be in a particular geographic and desire to access some type of business, with no specific one in mind. Through Google My Business, businesses the type sought by a consumer will be pinpointed via Google Maps, together with essential information about that enterprise.

Second, if a person does a directional map via Google Maps to a particular destination, businesses of different that are part of Google My Businesses will be pinpointed both around the final destination and along the route to that location.

Consumers and Google My Business

In this day and age, consumers are relying on mobile devices more frequently for an ever increasing number of reasons. Not only are these devices being used for basic and yet essentially communication purposes, and as directional tools, they have become nothing less than portable full use computers and lifestyle coordinating resources.

Because of this evolution, people from all walks of life are turning to mobile devices at an accelerating rate when they want to find a business and when they want information about a business. In addition, these same individuals are making “impulse” decisions to patronize a particular business in some instances when that enterprise appears on his or her mobile device screen. In many instances, that business pops up because a person is utilizing Google Maps or what is now known as Google My Business.

Businesses and Google My Business

Businesses can “automatically” appear as part of Google My Business via the Google map system itself. Google Maps and Google My Business accumulate and marshal data about businesses based on their geographic location and input that into the directional and other Google Map related search results.

A business has the opportunity to provide basic information about its operations through the Google My Business resource at no charge. This includes all of the essential information about the business including location, hours of operation, products or services sold and so forth.

At no cost to a business, Google My Business provides a store, restaurant, service provider — literally any type of business — the ability to connect directly with consumers through a widely utilized digital resource.

Updating Information for an Evolving Business

The typical business is always changing, always on the move. For example, a restaurant may change its menu, offer different specials for patrons depending on the time of year. A retailer may have a new product line that it feels will capture the public’s imagination.

One of the benefits associated with Google My Business is that it is not a static resource. The application permits a business the ability to change the essential information contained in its Google My Business listing. Changes and alterations in listings are easy to undertake. Moreover, they become available to consumers after the alteration is made at a quick pace.

Coordinating with Other Social Media

A growing number of businesses are utilizing a number of different social media platforms as part of an overall marketing and promotional effort. Many of these enterprises are interconnecting their efforts on these social media outlets with what they are imputing via Google My Business. The coordinated effort is designed to better connect an individual business with its existing and potential clients or customers.