Eight Biggest SEO Misconceptions

Written by: Jason Bayless | April 20, 2016

Internet marketing has taken the world by storm, and it’s now possible to advertise products and services to a larger audience than ever. While this provides a cost efficient option for business owners and entrepreneurs, time and effort are required in order to efficiently optimize your website. This makes search engine optimization an integral part of your daily marketing routine. As you explore your many options, there are eight SEO misconceptions you should be aware of.

1. Content Over Links

Spending time establishing links to your site is all in vain if they don’t lead to relevant, quality content. Visitors need to remain on the site and eventually interact, and the best way to achieve this is to provide them with the information they need. By doing so, you can eventually build links naturally.

2. The Social Media Tie-In

It’s important to understand that, while social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter allow people to talk about your site, they are not synonymous with SEO. Once people begin mentioning you, Google will be alerted. You should have an active social media campaign separate from your SEO efforts.

3. Beyond Keywords

There’s more to SEO than coming up with the best keywords to weave into your content. In order to maximize your efforts, it’s important to also consider:

  • Meta description
  • Relevant page title
  • Easy-to-use URL
  • Images and videos
  • Copy

4. H1 Headers Don’t Improve Your Rankings

Many believe that H1 headers give them an advantage in ranking, but they don’t. They are simply a matter of style. Although they do feature a larger size than many others, this doesn’t influence how search engines rank your content.

5. Not a One-Time Endeavor

Unlike many traditional marketing methods, SEO isn’t a one-time endeavor. The Internet is constantly changing, and the search engines make adjustments to their algorithms all the time. It’s up to you to keep up with these transitions and ensure your website is continually updated with the latest improvements.

6. Quality Vs. Quantity of Links

It’s important to have links on your site, however it’s never a good idea to focus on the quantity. After all, nobody likes link farms. Rather than stuffing in as many links as you can within your content, focus on providing quality links to credible sources your audience can actually benefit from.

7. Change the Homepage Often

Unless there is something wrong on the homepage, you won’t benefit from changing it. This is your platform to describe what the company has to offer, and viewers don’t want to be bombarded with information here. Instead, focus on updates and fresh content on other areas of the site they can visit if they wish.

8. PageRank is Priority

While PageRank, a metric used by Google, is important to consider, keep in mind there are many more used to ultimately determine where your site appears following a search. Consider them all as you devise your SEO strategy.

Paving the Road to Your Success

The world of Internet marketing is a highly competitive one. However, when proper SEO methods are employed, you can quickly be on your way to paving the road to success. Whether you’re just getting started or have long had a website and want to improve traffic, it’s crucial to stay up-to-date with the current trends. By avoiding these eight biggest SEO misconceptions, you can begin to yield the results you need to stay ahead of the game.