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Since its inception, industry leaders have recognized SEO.com as an online marketing firm at the forefront of search engine optimization. Founded as a small advertising startup in 2007, SEO.com is a Utah-based company that’s spent the better part of the last decade establishing itself as a premier online marketing firm. SEO.com initially specialized in search engine optimization services before it expanded to provide clients with a wide variety of web-based services.

SEO.com routinely ranks as one of the top SEO firms in the United States. Website Magazine ranked SEO.com number one in its review of Top 50 SEO Firms, and PromotionWorld listed the company in their Top 10 for U.S.-based SEO firms. As a major company in the online marketing industry, SEO.com continues to grow at a rapid pace as it provides its clients with tangible solutions and adaptive marketing techniques.

The Mission
SEO.com provides clients of all sizes with specialized SEO and website management that produces substantial results. The company offers a plethora of services that cover all facets of internet marketing. In addition to search engine optimization, SEO.com assists clients with social media marketing, pay-per-click advertising, website development, content marketing, conversion optimization, and other services.

In addition to these standard services, SEO.com takes SEO to the next level by pioneering new approaches to Web advertising. The firm remains at the forefront of the marketing industry when it comes to online marketing strategies; its innovative advances in local search optimization, mobile SEO, link building, and video SEO give clients a noticeable edge in the market.

Measurable Solutions
As a Google AdWords and Google Analytics certified partner, SEO.com provides keyword and search marketing with technical precision. SEO.com prides itself on accountability, and, as a result, the company goes out of its way to provide detailed SEO reports to all clients. These reports cover the overall progress of the client’s website and indicate how its key performance indicators impact site visitors.

The firm embraces a policy of measurable accountability by publishing a series of case studies that show specific instances where a client experienced quantifiable improvements after working with SEO.com. These studies often detail how SEO.com met unique challenges that a client was facing by using inventive approaches and advanced analytics to report measurable solutions to identified problems. Due to its focus on accountability, SEO.com is an established leader in facilitating the all-important client-firm relationship.

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