Clean Up SEO Mistakes

Written by: Jason Bayless | March 11, 2016

SEO is quite the rage these days. Everyone with a website wants to rank number one on Google and other directories. There is nothing wrong with the concept. It is how and what it takes to get to number one that is important.

Be Cautious of Outsourcing SEO

When one hands the reigns of a particular aspect of his or her business to someone else, it is wise to monitor the progress of one’s business. Sometimes people rely more on SPAM to help generate traffic. As a reputable business, one does not want to be accused of Spamming anyone.

Another drawback of outsourcing is that one may miss out on interactions with prospective customers. On the marketing side, a web owner wants to know what his or her future customers are thinking. What are their needs, feelings, and desires? What type of problems are they facing? Interacting with clients could mean additional sales for one’s company. Once one knows the problems his or her customer is facing, he or she can come up with a solution for the client.

Use someone on staff for SEO. When using a strong marketing team on premises, they will build relationships with others in their niche. However, if this is the first website, it is best to do one’s SEO and marketing, in that one gets to learn, first-hand, how it gets done. Once one is familiar with how to do his or her SEO, the person will be better equipped to manage the process if someone else is handling it.

Google Can Be a Friend or Foe

Be careful what directories get used to help increase web traffic. It is best to use the top three like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. There are other reputable ones. The ones named are the top three. Google looks to see how one’s web pages appear on search engines. If the pages show up in searches with other reputable companies, then that is a plus. However, if the pages appear with links to thousands of questionable sites, Google will mark that with an ‘X’ against your site.

It is unadvisable to buy or sell text links for one’s site. Those links could be SPAMS. Apparently, Google has specific guidelines, and if the guidelines get misused, one’s website could disappear from search directories. Simply put, all inbound traffic to one’s website would stop. Google regularly updates its search engine rules to filter out spams. If one’s site uses SPAM as a way to get traffic, it could mean a game changer when Google overhaul its guidelines.

Some people use Word AI as a way to put a spin on one article and turn it into multiple pieces to get top ranking on Google. People would change a word or two or even some phrases to make the articles appear different. They then use the articles to link back to their website to help boost traffic. This idea may have been the rage once upon a time, but Google has since improved its search technique. It is better to safe than sorry and not use Word AI.

Email Marketing

Email is a great way to help drive traffic to one’s website. Everyone has an email list. Use it to help drive traffic to one’s website. Most people overlook email as an excellent tool.

In conclusion, it is advisable to do one’s SEO if this is the first website. The person gets to see how the process works and is better capable of overseeing the work if someone else is doing it. When trying to increase web traffic, it is wise to use reputable directories such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. It is also not the best idea to buy or sell links to one’s site. It could mean a drop in web traffic due to misused guidelines. Using Word AI gets frowned upon these days. Google will recognize the difference. Finally, Email Marketing is an excellent tool to help drive traffic to one’s website.