Cheap SEO Services Deliver Cheap Results

Written by: Jason Bayless | March 06, 2015

These days, it seems that everywhere you look online, there are adverts pressuring you to purchase SEO services. If you’re not savvy to SEO practices, any offer can seem like a good one, and that even goes for the cheap ones. However, SEO is not unlike any other type of service or product you can purchase. If you aren’t being charged much money for the service, you aren’t going to get much in return. Essentially, you get what you pay for.

SEO has a power to make or break a website. If you have a lot of money and time wrapped up in your website, cheap SEO certainly is not something you want to play around with. Both the Work at Home Wife and Impact Internet Marketing both share prime reasons why it’s best to steer clear of cheap SEO, no matter how good it seems.

Poor Keyword Research. If you think a cheap SEO service is going to deliver quality keyword research, think again. The SEO specialist might perform keyword research, but it could be for keywords that have absolutely nothing to do with your content. This is a technique used to draw in large amounts of traffic, regardless of whether its targeted or not. If you’ve ever clicked a link that was supposedly about one thing, and then went on to read its content and found that it was about something entirely different, you can bet the SEO was cheap. This is spammy, and can potentially be extremely detrimental to your website if detected by search engines.

Of course, the traffic numbers will look good in your analytics program, but you won’t see conversions. In online marketing, conversions are ultimately why you’re in business in the first place.

Bad Content. These days, websites are closely scrutinized by search engines for the types of content they provide. Websites with content designed with no intent of engaging user interest tend to perform extremely poorly with current search engine algorithms. Good SEO companies will have the capabilities of producing quality content for your website. Watch out for services that produce boring, spammy content. It will be of no help whatsoever to your website.

Questionable Backlinking Strategies. Don’t be afraid to ask your SEO specialist about their backlinking practices. Find out how they plan to build backlinks for your website, as well as how quickly they’ll do it. When it comes to backlinks, they must originate from quality websites, and they should not be built too quickly. Receiving more than one backlink a day from other websites typically looks suspicious to search engines. In some cases, it’s enough for a search engine to penalize and possible de-index a website from its SERPs (search engine results pages). A good SEO company will know all of the ins and outs of genuine link building.

Risk of Duplicate Content. Because cheap SEO companies don’t earn much for their efforts, they likely aren’t going to put much time into your content creation. In fact, they might build a blog for your website, snag blog posts from other sites around the internet, paste them to yours, and slap your company name on it. How do you think this is going to look to not only the search engine, but your user base? Duplicate content is highly frowned upon by search engine algorithms, but disreputable SEO “specialists” continue to do it. Avoid having to explain to Google, Bing, Yahoo! or why your website features stolen content by simply hiring a quality SEO company for the extra money.

Good SEO is something that shouldn’t (and can’t) be done for a small amount of money. Quality optimization requires a lot of time and research, and when someone isn’t being paid enough for this type of effort, the result is going to be disappointing. Use your money more effectively by going with a quality SEO company for your website!