Boost Your SEO Rankings

Written by: Jason Bayless | February 10, 2016

Once your site is built, ranking it is the next step in order to gain organic traffic. Getting visitors to your site is not always easy, and Google is usually the most early able source for attaining instant and consistent viewers to your website. Google has changed their SEO algorithms multiple times over the last few years, making it more difficult to boost rankings. It’s easy to get onto the second or third pages of certain keywords, but getting on the first page is where all the traffic lies. Using these five tips will surely help you boost your SEO rankings and get on that first page.

Link Within Your Site

When writing content for your site, don’t be afraid to redirect people to other parts of your website to gain more information. You can always include your sources for the content you shared at the bottom of the article to give credit. However, in the eyes of Google, they want to see you leading people to other pages of your site. At the end of your articles, you can actually place anchor text links to other pages of your site. Make sure the content is relevant to that specific article. Ago their reason why this is powerful is because it alerts Google of your most important pages. If you have specific sections of your site that you want people to see the most, make sure you place that specific URL to other parts of your site to let Google know it’s an important place.

Good URL Structure

You can easily get new pages from your site to rank for longer term keywords and phrases. When you upload new content and want to build a new page, you can get it ranking if you know what you are doing. You want to make sure that the title and the structure of the URL looks good, reads well, and provide the key phrase very thoroughly. If your keyword is something like, “Stop anxiety and relax instantly,” then all you have to do is simply place that in the URL and throughout the article at least once or twice.

Social Media

YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn just seem like your typical social media channels that you use for connecting with friends and family, but what you may not know is the power behind using them for improving your rankings. You can boost your SEO rankings fast just by utilizing a few of these social networks in combination with your SEO efforts.

For example, when you build a new blog post or a web page, you want to have it shared on your social media channels. Another thing to remember is that you should allow for your readers to have an easy time on getting to do this as well. There are many plugins from WordPress that make it more than possible to allow your visitors to instantly share the content to their Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Social media is ultimately one of the best ways to better connect with your viewers and also boost rankings. When Google sees your site is being shared and seen by people outside of just their search engine, it alerts them and makes them notice how your content is related to the phrases you are targeting. It builds authority in their eyes and really helps build that connection between Google and your website.

Boosting rankings has never been so easy. You can use these tips to get that extra bit of link juice fast without having to invest anything. The key is to utilize all of these tips in order to get that boost of long-term rankings.