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If video enhances your website and conveys your message with flair, imagine how much more exciting your site will be with full-screen video rather than simply a window.

A website designer used to be restricted to Flash in order to add such video, but today you can use Javascript or HTML5 to make your video stretch to full-screen size.

With internet speeds as fast as they currently are, designers are able to create astonishing videos with no limits to their usability. Website visitors can be treated to as much creativity and imagination as you can bring.

The Build Film

If you’re into motorcycles, you’ve got to check out this amazing site, which tells the stories of three motorcycle designers in Portland, Oregon. The video begins with a shot of a man riding, or I should say balancing, standing up on a motorcycle as it drives down a country road. Talk about making a good first impression!

Adidas Design Studios

This is the recruiting website for the Adidas sportswear company. If you’re interested in becoming a product designer, you definitely want to check this video out. It conveys the Adidas passion and really makes you want to be a part of this fantastic company.


This fashion design website utilizes full-screen video to showcase its collection of clothing and accessories.


Spotify is one the world largest social music sharing platforms, on their homepage that make fantastic use of using a video as a background to help promote their service.


Captaindash is a company that provides data management and mining services.


The Telly website is a personal favorite when it comes to using a fullscreen background video on a website. Scroll down the website to see another video playing in the footer.

Black Negative

Black Negative is a fascinating company in Paris that does computer animation for a variety of commercial clients. Check out this amazing video for the car company Citroen.


YCoyacht takes the video background technique to the next level, this is a full video, rather then just looped time lapse. It works perfectly promoting their product also.

el Monstruo

el Monstruo is a Spanish-language site about children going to school. It’s sponsored by Unicef and the banking company ING, and asks for donations to help get rid of the monster that is preventing children from learning. Unfortunately, I don’t understand what exactly it is saying, but the video is quite charming and effective.

Preflight Nerves

Preflight Nerves is a Twitter-powered music video from the band Brightly, is an interesting experiment in something completely different. There is a song and a video, but the video actually pulls current tweets from Twitter that feature the lyrics from the song. At the website, you can obtain a personal code and download the single, Preflight Nerves. The more you share your code, and the more people who use it to also obtain the single, brings exposure to the band exponentially. It’s really quite a brilliant way to get their music out to the world.

To Conclude

So for a truly high-impact user experience, consider utilizing full-screen video if you have something that will make someone sit up and take notice. That’s the name of the game, after all. You have to grab your viewers’ attention, and since there are only a few seconds in which to do just that, make sure you make those seconds count.