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The newer iOS software comes with a redesigned interface for iPhones and iPads. The familiar tab bar icons are now typically replaced by smaller line icons – often very thin yet easy to interpret based on the design style. Line icons have grown to encompass website layouts and other types of interfaces.

This gallery includes a large set of line icon designs created for digital interfaces. Some of these are freebie icon sets that you can download and use in creative projects. Others are just design examples you can use for inspiration and research to further understand this trend.


thinnies 48 ios7 icons pack thin

Food Category Icons

relay food category icons thin lines

Juicy Fruit

pink juicy fruit thin icons design


super thin line icons set

Simple Line Icons

freebie ai svg psd simple line icons pack

Pudgy Line Icons

pudgy line icons thin design

ShopSavvy Line Icons

shop savvy line icons design pack

Basic iOS7 Style

basic icon styles ios7 examples

Ticket Arena

ticket arena line icons set pack

Octopus Iconography

dark line icons octopus iconography set

Money Line Icons

money credit green line icons

Purple Iconset PSD

freebie photoshop psd purple iconset


budicon freebie psd line icons design

Dashboard Icons

dashboard line icons inspiration pack

Budicon E-commerce

budicon line icons ecommerce set

Circle-Square Icons

rounded circle square line icons

Simple & Small

white simple small line icons pack

Consulting Icon Set

consulting line icons pack

Stroked Anchor Icons

yellow line stroked anchor iconset


tools dark blue line icons pack

Outline Icons

white outline icons interface


symbolicons elements weather line icons simple

Menu Icons

light green line icons menu settings

Line Icons Set Vol #1

volume #1 freebie line icons pack

Wedding in the Woods

wedding in the woods line icons pack

Geocaching Icons

geocaching icons bright set lines

Editorial Line Icons

editorial bright line icons pack

Home Icons

home furniture line icons pack


simple licons line icons pens pencils

Buddha Line Icons

buddha freebie psd line icons pack


dark illustration thin icons pack urbania

Colorful Menu Icons

bright colorful menu icons pack