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If you are going to produce a sloppy presentation of your designer’s work, think again. The market is so competitive, that a careless and slack presentation of your project might cost you a rejection. Because of a confused or just unattractive presentation you can be requested to work many further hours to placate a disgruntled client.

A Wide Choice Of Presentation Tools

Luckily, app developers have created a long line of applications that allow the designers to show their work at its best.

FileSquare, helps you in setting a mockup of your project, or a more precise prototype, sharing with the team, and in getting approval from your client.
Campfire, for example, is an app to give opinions on an uploaded project., Prezi and SlideShare are instead very good application for slides sharing.

There are so many handy apps for designers that are all useful in a different way, but all of them play a role in a better presentation. Today I wanted to share with you a small sample of some of the best presentation tools that are available to designers.


20 Useful Presentation Tools For Designers

Who doesn’t use Dropbox? It is such an useful tool, so user friendly, that it’s impossible not to mention it. Basically, Dropbox is a storage app that allow you to share documents, images, audio clips, video and many other kinds of files. Another feature, very important, is the possibility to automatically updated folders in many computers.


20 Useful Presentation Tools For Designers

FileSquare is a top designer app. The reason? It’s so intuitive that makes everything simple. With this app it’s possible to create and present mockups, share them and keep track of comment. Its new embed code allows you to put prototype on your website as widget.


20 Useful Presentation Tools For Designers

Imagine to be in front of the fire at the campsite: chatting with your mates is mandatory. And that is what Campfire let you do: chatting The app is a web-based group chat tool that set a chat room almost immediately. Users can also upload GIF, JPG, or PNG file for each chat room. Campfire is an excellent tool to keep in touch with clients or suppliers.


20 Useful Presentation Tools For Designers

If you wish to impress your client, DesignSignoff is the right stuff. This app help you in presenting your design ideas in a very elegant, yet simple, manner. It’s quite a straightforward process to build a gallery of images, manage collaboration, get feedback on designs and finally, achieve signoff for your project.


20 Useful Presentation Tools For Designers

This app is really similar to Moqups, but even more popular. It has an excellent library of the most used elements in website and web app. You can arrange them fast and without hassle. Then you can export your wireframes to PDF and PNG files and share the project with clients. The app offers four paid plans and one free plan for 1 project with 10 pages and 2 users.


20 Useful Presentation Tools For Designers

The developers of this app have promised to make you feel at home immediately. HotGloo is very intuitive indeed, but this can be said of a lot of applications. HotGloo is the perfect stuff to visualize your ideas, prototyping, review, annotate and deliver feedback. Interestingly, there are a “built in auto-saving” and backups, and more common chat function and feedback system.


20 Useful Presentation Tools For Designers

For anyone who creates applications or websites iPlotz is an interesting app.
It creates clickable, navigable mockups and wireframes, that can be shared with team members or clients. It’s possible to export the project as a PDF, JPG/PNG, or HTML document.


20 Useful Presentation Tools For Designers

How to test a wireframe quickly? MockFlow is the answer. This app let you test wireframe interactions, contain a SiteMap creator, allow you to use Master pages, keep a revision history, has libraries of wireframe components, templates, icons and images. And then you can export your project and share it with your team and clients.


MockVault is very useful app to get your design approved. Because that is precisely the goal of MockVault: guide you in presenting your design with the aid of annotations, discussing it with the client and finally getting approval. A yes or a no no answer is what MockVault has been designed to give, and that can save a lot of time in case of reluctant clients. The application is available for free, or you can have a free trial of the paid plans.


20 Useful Presentation Tools For Designers

Another intuitive, easy-to-use, brilliant mockup builder is Moqups. It contains some fixed elements that can be arranged, as radio buttons, combo box, check box, slider, text area, or avatar. Most importantly, the project could be shared with friends, other workers or clients.


20 Useful Presentation Tools For Designers

Sometimes it’s hard to get all the answers you need. Then PandaForm can help: it make easy to send questionnaires, even using a questionnaire templates, and gather all the comments, the requests at once. The nice thing is that you can recycle your used questionnaires, adapting them to new projects. This feature of PandaForm is really time-saving.

20 Useful Presentation Tools For Designers

If you have many kinds of files, for example Powerpoint, PDF, Excel, Word, Google Docs or Open Office, than is the right application. Simply upload them with and you will be able to access your information from anywhere. Even more interesting, you can share your presentation with a small group of people or with the world. let you record yourself giving the presentation slide by slide. There are different paid plans, but it’s possible to try for free.


20 Useful Presentation Tools For Designers

That’s another good application. It’s possible to upload design presentations online, just by dragging slides to the canvas of Prezi. The application has a tool to zoom in and zoom out to examine details or the overview, making the presentation more dynamic and easy to attend. Then you can share your presentation and receive feedback.


20 Useful Presentation Tools For Designers

“Fast, interactive, collaborative” claims the website of Protoshare. Actually, Protoshare is an useful prototyping tool that is specially designed for large team. The app has pre-configured mobile screen guides for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. Beside prototyping, it lets clients and designers work together, while gathering feedback for final decisions. The application has a system to make decisions and resolve discussions, making easy to gain approval from clients.


20 Useful Presentation Tools For Designers

SlideRocket is quite similar to PowerPoint, but it’s a web based application. This means that can be shared easily among partners, prospects and customers. The application has also a presentation template gallery to improve the process.


20 Useful Presentation Tools For Designers

If you wish to use PowerPoint on the web, then the solution is SlideShare. You can upload your slides, in Microsoft PowerPoint or OpenOffice, but also e-books, PDF’s, videos and webinars that you can use in your presentation. On this SlideShare is ‘generous’: you can upload hi-resolution images, that are one of the most important elements for a successful presentations. Another feature is the meeting solution, with dedicated conference lines and passwords to keep things private.


20 Useful Presentation Tools For Designers

Vcasmo is a handy, simple application that allow multimedia presentations. Users can add video, audio, PDF files, PowerPoint slides, photos to the presentation. They can also add subtitles to videos, that can be downloaded back as *.SRT file. Obviously, presentations could be shown to groups of selected people, that can give comments, but they can be kept private or, on the contrary, they can be published for all. Clients and team members can give comments


20 Useful Presentation Tools For Designers

Do you want to create an online presentation? Vuvox is the right choice. Powerful and easy to use, the application has many features, as Collage, to produce dynamic interactive panoramas with hot-spots, Studio, to build a personalized media presentation, Express, to build presentations with dynamic content from RSS feeds and online albums, and Cut-out Express, to use photos as frames for slideshows.


20 Useful Presentation Tools For Designers

Wizehive is the perfect tool to set a photo, video or essay contest and make people vote in the voting period you have set. There are other tools, as the workflow tools and a task manager, always useful to manage collaborative tools.


20 Useful Presentation Tools For Designers

Before the project, there is the idea. And a designer, if requested, should be able to share ideas with partners, team members and clients. So, there is this free, little, useful app, called Wridea. It is designed to categorize ideas, share and discuss them. Other members of the group can post comments and feedbacks.