Best SEO Tools for Keyword Research

Written by: Jason Bayless | July 27, 2015

SEO tactics have dramatically changed in just the past few years. Google and other big corporations have seriously changed internet algorithms. Things that worked five years ago don’t work anymore. However, keywords still have a powerful influence, and using the right tools will help.

1. Wordtracker
Wordtracker is very popular among internet marketers for a good reason. This tool helps optimize not only keywords, but other areas as well. A subscription to Wordtracker costs a couple hundred dollars every month. This is because it’s such an effective optimizing tool.

2. Keyword Discovery
Keyword Discovery displays the most popular and commonly used keywords in top search engines like Google. However, keyword optimization isn’t the only useful feature that this tool has. Historical trends, effectiveness and bid values are all displayed by using this handy tool. These statistics will help a marketer or business owner make informed decisions. Similar to Wordtracker, Keyword Discovery will set one back a little bit. However, the monthly cost will pay off ten times in the near future.

3. Google Keyword Tool
Not everyone has hundreds of dollars to spend on SEO optimization. This is why there’s free SEO tools out there, such as Google Keyword Tool. Unlike the SEO tools mentioned above, Google Keyword Tool is very easy to use. One simply enters a word, phrase or website URL into this free SEO tool.

4. Ubersuggest
Ubersuggest, like all the other tools, helps one use the right keywords. What makes it unique is its ability to display traditional search engine suggestions and discovery engines, such as news, e-commerce and videos. Ubersuggest is set at a very reasonable price, especially for what it does.

5. SEOBook Keyword List Generator
SEOBook contains a handle tool that gives one a list of effective keywords and phrases. The tool displays a list of suggestions that are relevant to what the person typed in. This useful feature is completely free to use. However, a registration with SEOBook is required in order to use this tool. Unfortunately, it’s a Firefox plugin, meaning that a person can only use it if they’re using the Firefox browser.

6. SpyFu
Unlike the other SEO tools, SpyFu uses a unique and competitive approach toward keyword optimization. SpyFu essentially allows one to see what their competitors are doing. This tool will make a world of difference when it comes to making informed business decisions.

7. Google AdWords Keyword Tool
The free version displays popular keywords when a word, phrase or website URL is typed in. From there, one can see the most commonly used keywords for a specific topic or phrase. The paid version offers more detailed information. Both the free and paid version is very easy to use.

8. Bing Keyword Research Tool
The SEO research tool is focused on organic searches, such as language, country or region. The tool is completely free to use when registering with Bing Webmaster Tools. With this tool, one can narrow their audience down to a specific country. Therefore, the tool is of great use for business owners who want to attract a specific type of audience in a specific area.

9. Micro Niche Finder
Micro Niche Finder is the perfect tool for those who want to optimize their website and attract a larger audience. Aside from showing commonly used keywords, it distinguishes between high and low competition keywords. This helpful tool allows one to analyze both sides of the spectrum, aiding in better business decisions.

10. HitTail
HitTail is for those who want to target long-tailed keywords. This SEO tool uses a person’s website traffic as a factor in determining the best keyword suggestions, making the SEO tool really stand out.