Best SEO Tactics for Realtors

Written by: Jason Bayless | June 24, 2015

When it comes to Real Estate SEO tactics, real estate professionals often seem to have quite the love-hate relationship. Everyone wants to reap the benefits of having the best leads show up right on our doorstep, but it can seem overwhelming figuring out the most effective way to get it done. When it doesn’t seem to work right away, some professionals mistakenly believe it’s time to try something else.

If there’s one thing SEO isn’t, it’s immediate. Search engine optimization isn’t dead; it’s evolving, but you must first carve out your niche before expanding.

The following tactics can help realtors leverage websites to get traffic and better leads.

Blog About High-Priority Homes

It’s not uncommon for a realtor to represent hundreds of homes at any given time. Even so, it’s likely there are a few in particular that you’re extra motivated to sell. One way to help ensure better traffic to your website for these properties is to pen a few blog posts about them.

The posts should list the actual address for the property as prospective home buyers will search the address. In this way, the property’s address serves as the keyword. With this in mind, you just need to follow basic best practices for keywords, such as listing the address in the following areas:

  • Title tag
  • Meta description
  • Image alt text
  • Photo file name
  • The blog content

The actual content itself should be at least 200 unique words that detail the finest features of the home and its usual description. Although the post should be unique, a standard description won’t lead to penalization on Google; its algorithms are aware that certain descriptions for homes will repeat themselves across the Internet. Still, some unique content needs to be provided if you intend to use an address as a keyword.

Great Headlines

Nobody wants to read something that is clearly uninspired. We’ve all seen it, whether it’s the email that you didn’t even need to open and read, the book that just didn’t seem interesting enough to read, or the pick-up line that cramped your eyes as they rolled back record distance. Creating a unique, substantial headline is key to avoiding this same problem in marketing.

Even if your content is the most engaging there is, if you don’t apply much effort to the title, conversion rates will suffer; if 8 out of 10 people only read the headline, that means only two people found it interesting enough to click through to the rest, and all the effort is wasted.

Follow this formula to generate enticing headlines: Trigger word + Adjective + Keyword + Guarantee. “Buying a Home” can easily be turned into “5 Ways to Easily Sell Your Home in Under 24 Hours,” which has much more promise behind its curtain than the generic title that started.

Create Great Content

Of course, the effort doesn’t stop at the headline; you still need to put your best game into the content. Many realtors lack useful content, which is one reason there isn’t much in the way for stellar example. Don’t fall into the same trap; create good content that engages and informs customers; no matter the industry, customers have come to expect valuable experiences with their service.

Understand Local SEO versus National SEO

There’s some overlap between tactics in local and national SEO, such as backlinks, valuable content and indexing. However, local has its own special properties to take care of that you’ll need to understand.

For example, there are citations, which are a simple method to employ. A citation is a place online that uses the name, address and phone number of your company on one page. This information must be the same as the local listing you have created on Google My Business or similar competing services.