Best SEO Strategies in 2015

Written by: Jason Bayless | October 09, 2015

As Google continues to alter what it means to have good SEO on a website, business owners continue to scramble to keep up with the changes. In 2015, there have been new developments in the Hummingbird algorithm and the way that people utilize the Internet that necessitate that business owners alter their strategies and keep up with the times. As we get into the second half of 2015, there are certain SEO strategies that business owners simply cannot ignore.

Your SEO And Content People Must Work Together

According to, it is essential that SEO experts and content developers work together to create the best possible experience for users. Google has shifted the focus away from well-placed keywords and put it squarely on satisfying the user. That means that SEO practices and content creation have to work together to develop the best possible experience for users.

Your Mobile Website Needs To Be A Focus

There has been talk for years about the shift to mobile computing, but that shift took on a whole new meaning in 2015 when Google demanded that all mobile websites be optimized for the best possible user experience. According to Entrepreneur Magazine, the need for a mobile website that creates a positive experience for the user has never been more urgent.

This shift to mobile websites means that companies now need to maximize their mobile sites for all possible screen sizes, develop front pages that are welcoming to users, and offer content that has value. Another critical aspect of mobile websites is the development of navigational systems that are easy to use on smartphones as well as tablets.

Dig Deeper Into Analytics

Internet marketing continues to become more and more specialized, which means that you need to develop better ways to collect information about your traffic for your marketing experts to utilize. It is no longer enough to know where your traffic is coming from and what pages they visited on your site. Now you need to know how long they were on each page, what browser they were using, and which pages they went back to more than once. It is all information that is being used to give businesses a competitive advantage in their industries.

Pay Attention To Other Search Engines

Google calls the shots in the SEO world, but there are other search engines that are becoming significant players as well. Microsoft’s Bing search engine is gaining in popularity and Yahoo! is also seeing a rise in traffic from users all over the world.

Instead of simply optimizing your website for Google, you now need to start thinking about the optimization needs of these other sites as well. Millions of people are diversifying their search engine habits and you have to adjust to those changes to bring in more traffic.

Worry More About Conversion

In 2015, the focus is starting to shift away from being at the top of the search engine results pages and towards making money. It has become obvious that worrying about moving to the top of the search engine results for every primary and secondary keyword in your industry is not nearly as effective as focusing on the content that puts you in front of audiences that want to spend money.

The SEO world is changing rapidly and it can sometimes be difficult to keep up. But if you focus on the way that Internet users are browsing the Internet and the ways in which the search engines are presenting your website information, then you can make the changes that will bring in more revenue. Shift your focus to building your business instead of your search engine results and you will find success with your website in 2015.