Best SEO Link Building Strategy

Written by: Jason Bayless | February 13, 2015

Backlink building has always been an important facet of good SEO, or search engine optimization. A good catalog of backlinks to your site will not only provide additional ways for new readers to find you, they will also raise your search engine ranking over time. However, as SEO has become more complex, there has evolved a huge list of Dos and Don’ts with regards to backlinking. Because of these, there is one linking strategy that provides the best results withing the framework of what is acceptable according to the search engines themselves.

The basic reason that search engines have become more selective about linking and about SEO practices in general is that some people used earlier, less stringent guidelines to boost their sites in ways that were not organic. For example, there was a time when building massive numbers of backlinks on lower ranked or non-related sites was still effective. Today, it will only hurt you in the long run. The primary goal of newer SEO guidelines is to encourage websites that grow and link organically. So, as much as many SEO experts try to cheat the guidelines and fool the engines, the simple fact is that the best linking and SEO strategy is to do it in the way the search engines want you to. Knowing this, we can eliminate backlinking softwares, link farms sites, and pretty much anything else that falls under the category of black hat SEO right off the bat. So what’s left?

The best SEO strategy for link building is to use similar websites to your own to create real, organic linking. To do this, you may want to compile a list of websites that are in the same niche as you, and approach them all as a potential guest contributor. In most cases, the administrators of these sites will allow a limited number of links to be woven into your contribution. If possible, getting a spot as a guest contributor on a large authority site in your niche is the ideal goal. Links from sites like these hold more weight with the search engines, and can benefit you more than many links from smaller sites. Getting links of sites that are in your niche will also increase the likelihood that readers will actually be interested in your website and follow the link to learn more.

Link building can also be accomplished on forums and community sites revolving around your chosen niche. This is slightly trickier than using formal guest articles, because the rules of the forums may or may not allow linking. Check carefully before putting a great deal of time and effort into backlink building through forums. Also, check to see if links on your chosen forum fall under a dofollow or nofollow category. If links presented in that forum are nofollow, they will not be useful in your campaign of link building for SEO purposes, though they can still draw some visitors to your site.

Ultimately, modern SEO is all about networking. Getting links to your site out into the wider world of the web and establishing them on good authority sites is everything if you plan to use link building as an element of your SEO. Whatever you do, do not allow yourself to be brought into the delusion that there is a magic bullet that can allow you to spread thousands of links quickly and see results overnight. Such strategies just don’t work, and they are likely to create negative SEO more than anything else. Link building is a slow, steady process, but if approached correctly and methodically, it can produce excellent results in the form of traffic to your website.