Best SEO Friendly Website Builders

Written by: Jason Bayless | October 02, 2015

If web pages are not optimized, they will not rank well on Google. To ensure your success, you must use a website builder that has efficient SEO features. Builder offers tools that help designers build professional business sites. The design software is simple to use because it has multiple templates and a point-and-click interface. Once the pages are built, users can generate tons of traffic by configuring the tools in the SEO area. also has a team that specializes in SEO traffic. The experts can provide additional support whenever SEO tasks become too challenging. However, this service is not free, but it is worth the cost because the team produces great results.

Wix Builder

Wix is a free drag-and-drop webpage builder that has an SEO section, which features highly efficient tools. Although the software is fairly simple, many people use Wix because the company has a free app. The app is basically a step-by-step manual. It teaches users various SEO optimization techniques that improve overall rankings.

Wix’s SEO wizard provides helpful recommendations so that users can fine tune each page for Google. By reviewing the analysis reports, users can easily increase visibility on the web. The process of optimizing a site is very easy because Wix builds a map and sends it to the search engines automatically.

Wix also has social media features that drive tons of traffic to different pages. Every page that the software creates meets the standards that are set by Bing, Google, and other popular search services.

Weebly Builder

Weebly offers a very simple drag-and-drop website tool that optimizes web pages automatically. However, users can still manage page descriptions, header and footer details, and meta keywords.

Weebly’s SEO tools increase overall rankings on Google. For example, Google only ranks pages well if they load quickly. To increase loading times, Weebly designed a tool that resizes images according to Google’s standards.

The Weebly building tool also has SEO features are that specifically designed for blogs. Web designers can place RSS and social sharing buttons on each page.

Jimdo Builder

Jimdo offers professional templates and e-commerce solutions. Typical optimization tasks are easy because the software has numerous fields for tags, phrases, keywords, and page descriptions. Users who upgrade can make changes to specific pages without modifying every page on the site.

All blogging features are integrated in the software. Designers can create unique categories for various posts so that visitors can navigate through the site quickly and efficiently. Facebook and Twitter features can be integrated too.

WebFlow Builder

WebFlow has a number of useful solutions, such as social media integration features, drag-and-drop widgets, and e-commerce tools. However, most web designers choose WebFlow because the software generates CSS3 and HTML5 source code automatically.

WebFlow manages various SEO features on different levels. Users can input an SEO description and title for the entire site, or they can optimize keywords, descriptions, and titles on specific pages.

After pages are built, the software will generate sitemap.xml and robots.txt files. Without these files, Google will not crawl and rank the site.

WebFlow offers a free service and a paid service. The free plan lets users build 20 sites. Consumers who upgrade to the paid plan have unlimited options.

Squarespace Builder

Squarespace is a website builder for mobile devices. It has tools that help users build beautiful pages that function well on the latest smart phones and tablets.

The management system controls various SEO options. It also has advanced features that make each page SEO friendly.

Squarespace is not a free service, but the company offers a free trial to new users.