Best SEO Content Practices

Written by: Jason Bayless | May 04, 2015

There are many nuances that affect the way that content is viewed by the major search engines when it comes to search ranking. Google especially as well known for missing some of the more obvious mistakes in its previous algorithm iterations. In order to maximize your search engine ranking, it is essential that you understand the ways in which you must change your content to fit what Google, Yahoo and Bing are doing whether it is right in your eyes or not.

First of all, your content must be relevant to the stated purpose of your website according to the major search engines.

This is an especially important point for new businesses. If you have a new niche that has not been fully explored by the major search engines, they may have a difficult time indexing it. You will need to show a consistency of audience so that the major search engines will approve of your keyword choice and the content that is on your website. In these early stages, a great deal of search engine optimization content practices have to do with maintaining your audience in any way possible. You will not be able to automate this; you will have to stay in the trenches for the first six months so that your “trial period.” Will end up with an initial high ranking of your website on the major search engines. From there, you will be addressed from a position of trust.

Be sure that you have all the basics in order – keep your content2x and checked for grammar. From the earliest days of search engine optimization, the major search engines have always look down upon websites that were not able to master the basics of writing. This comes from the early days of the Internet with spammers putting up hundreds of sites per day with illegible content. Under no circumstances should you allow your website to be associated with this type of practice online – the penalties for such an association can be incredibly brutal to your business in the long-term.

Localize for the best results when it comes to SEO content.

Narrowing your audience and focusing on them is the most effective way to go about marketing online. Incorporating local citations in with local organic search marketing is perhaps the best way to go about enhancing your search engine optimization program.

– What exactly does localizing your campaign entail?

Localizing an SEO campaign means modifying your long-tail keywords or key-terms to reflect a specific area of geography. The major search engines are geared towards enhancing these kinds of listings because they provide more relevant information for people in that area.

Combining this local search engine optimization program with a local online advertising program is a ineffective way to raise the brand of your business in your area. The taste makers in local areas will then share the content with people who are outside of that area, growing the online brand of the business organically. This is a much more effective technique in attempting to hard-sell people outside of your local area with advertising that may or may not get the traction that you are looking for.

– Using Online Directories

In order to maximize your search ranking in your local area, you must also engage in multi-market citations in local niche authoritative directories. Although many marketing experts feel that the days of online directories have passed, specialized business listings in these directories can still pull in a great deal of business.

– The Bottom Line

Mass marketing, wide net strategies on the Internet are dead. Localized strategies are the only true way to build your brand without relying on a great deal of luck. Begin in your local area and allow your brand to grow organically from the heat that you will generate by advertising where you are. Keep in mind that this is a long-term strategy that requires a great deal of patience.