Best 3 WordPress Themes

Written by: Jason Bayless | May 11, 2015

If you’re building or updating a WordPress website, it can be a real challenge to figure out which theme to use on your site. There are zillions of possible choices, and they all offer different features, benefits, drawbacks and unique quirks. If you’re trying to figure out which theme might work best on your site, we recommend taking a look at our picks for the best 3 WordPress themes in the repository.

The Accelerate Theme by Themegrill

Accelerate is a responsive WordPress theme that’s particularly well suited for using with websites centered on image intensive topics. We’ve implemented the theme on a variety of different WordPress sites, including a home decorating site, a food blog and a craft site.

Accelerate looks like a premium theme, but there’s a free version available. That’s what we’ve worked with. There is also a premium version, which we haven’t tried. In our opinion, the additional features look like they’d be worth the money for those who need them.

The theme is intuitive to use, and it offers a variety of enticing features.

If you’re using WP as a CMS (content management system) and not just a blog, the Accelerate theme is worth considering. We were initially drawn to the theme because it allows users to set up multiple custom menus; you can implement 2 custom menus in the free version, or 3 in the premium version. This feature is helpful for organizing a website that has hundreds of different pages and posts.

We’re not aware of any downsides to this theme at all. Having said that, it’s a relatively new theme, so the jury is out whether it will stand the test of time and survive upcoming WordPress updates. As of this writing, the theme has recently been updated by the developers, and is working wonderfully. It’s coded well, and the documentation is clear and helpful — if you even need to consult it. If you’re experienced with WordPress, you’ll likely find the theme intuitive to use and set up.

We haven’t needed support for our implementations of the theme, although it appears that support is available for those who do need it.

The Catch Box Theme by Catch Themes

Catch Box is a responsive WordPress theme that could work well for a variety of different websites. We’ve implemented it frequently on extreme sports websites, but it’s well suited for use with many other niches.

Catch Box offers both free and premium versions. The free version is packed with so many features that we haven’t needed to test drive the premium version.

The thing we find most appealing about Catch Box: Its intuitive design. We also appreciate the fact that it can be easily customized and made to look unique. You can select from a variety of different color choices and 3 different layout choices. Additionally, there are 3 custom menus available.

The 2014 Theme by Automattic

2014 has long passed, but the 2014 theme is a classic that isn’t going to go out of style any time soon. It was created by the developers of WordPress, so we’re totally confident in recommending it; Automattic sets the standards for keeping WordPress up to date and running smoothly, and it’s unlikely they’d drop the ball on this theme either.

2014 is a responsive magazine style WordPress theme with a clean, contemporary look. It’s suitable for just about any type of blog or website you could think of. It looks stylish and appealing right out of the box, although you’ll probably need to do some customizing to make it do what you want it to. Overall, it’s a fantastic theme that we’ve been really pleased with.

There are many other excellent WordPress themes available. It was difficult to narrow it down to 3 favorites, but there you have it; those are our picks for the best 3 WordPress themes in the repository.