Basic SEO Marketing Tips For Your Small Business

Written by: Jason Bayless | May 28, 2018

“If you are trying to run a small business in the ultra-competitive online space of today, then you need to understand some of the basics of search engine optimization. There is virtually no way that you will ever get new customers without understanding this topic. Here are some of the best practices that you can employ moving forward.

Stay in Your Lane

If you try to use the Internet to reach absolutely everyone, you will definitely fail. This has nothing to do with the quality of your product or even the veracity of your marketing campaign. It has to do with the way that the major search engines prioritize websites. If you are trying to reach too many people at once, you will have to use techniques that the search engines frown upon now. You may even get your site blacklisted. The way to get work done is to focus on your local area first. If you can master this area, then the search engines will actually help you expand. You will save money and automate part of the marketing process as well.

Label All of Your Pictures and Videos

In the past, your pictures and videos did not make a difference in the ranking of your website. They do now. You may have looked on Google or the other major search engines and seen the search options for videos and pictures. If there is a search option, then those assets are being indexed. Make sure that you have all of the meta tags for each asset and that they are relevant to the content. You must also make sure that the content is relevant to the theme of the website for best results.

Less is More

Do not try to overpower the search engines with keywords or landing page content. White space is your friend when it comes to SEO. As a matter of fact, the search engines will reward you for a good placement when it comes to your keywords rather than simply spamming it across your page. You will also gain a great deal of leverage if your human visitors use your website in a consistent way. How do you get them to do this? You must have a website that is attractive to the human eye, not just to the search engines. The two audiences are really the same, so do not think you are getting ahead by using old-school techniques.”