Awesome SEO Strategies

Written by: Jason Bayless | November 18, 2015

SEO has been around for years now and yet only a select few possess the experience and skills to wield it with such mastery. Some will disregard the importance of SEO in the hopes of avoiding its respective learning curve. However, for any online brand to succeed, SEO is imperative. It makes your website easily understandable from the viewpoint of both human users and search engine bots. And while search engines have taken a relatively notable leap in its complexity, they remain unequipped to identify and understand web pages at the same comprehension level as human users can. Here are 5 awesome SEO strategies to try for your business.

Have Hummingbird in Mind

When coming up with the proper keywords to use, widen the net for hummingbird-friendly keywords. Hummingbird, a search algorithm utilized by Google, brought many unique changes in the way the search engine analyzes and processes its queries. Rather than matching up individual keywords to their respective pages, it is now hunting for specific search intent. While keywords still play an essential role, business owners and entrepreneurs should start looking for bigger pools of market-specific keywords and key phrases.

Sharpen Your Website’s Link Structure

Websites bearing sharp URL structures are usually placed higher within search engines as opposed to poorly structured websites. Outbound and inbound links are the building blocks of your site hence it is prudent to ensure structural soundness and consistency of the website and its contents. Dynamic links are often too long and contain no market-specific keywords, which may explain their substantially low click-through rate. Broken URLs and 404 errors can also harm your search engine page rankings. Utilize a broken URL checking software to diagnose and repair these errors.

Concentrate on Solid Links

Quality is better than quantity as the old adage goes and SEO is no exception. It is much better to have fewer links from various respected niche authority sources than hundreds of spammed links from butchered websites. One way you can achieve this is through broken link-building. Be warned, though, as this strategy is very labor-intensive. Nonetheless, it is a useful approach wherein you search for broken URLs on authoritative niche websites, contact the website owners, and request the publishers to use your URL instead for a more up-to-date content.

Secure Web Encryption

Just recently, search engine giant, Google, officially announced HTTPs to be the standard in website security and that platforms using secure encryption can get a boost in its page rankings. HTTPs is a secure way to transfer data via the web. It uses multiple transfer points to add another layer of security against hackers and malware. If switching to HTTPs would be relatively effortless for you or is required to stay on top of your game, then do so immediately. However, it can be fairly challenging to switch to HTTPs, so be sure you’ve learned and mastered everything you need to make the transition as smooth and efficient as possible.

Consider Mobile Search

A poll survey conducted recently indicates that 80 percent of adults have and use a smartphone on a regular basis, with 1.85 hours per day being spent on their mobile device. Furthermore, nearly half of all traffic today is mobile. This means your mobile platform should be equally present, relevant, and searchable as your desktop version. Having a mobile-compatible website not only makes you searchable 24/7 but also boosts your search engine rankings. Sure, this will mean more resources will be consumed with updating both desktop and mobile platforms, but it does pay off with a higher customer acquisition rate, sales, and bottomline profits.