Achieve Your SEO Dreams With These Tips

Written by: Jason Bayless | April 21, 2017

It is common to wonder how to succeed in the world of SEO. There are many people that kissed their old job goodbye, in favor of working full-time in the SEO field. However, ensuring you have success at SEO means following the right tips. Some marketers think that succeeding at SEO is impossible. These people are usually making costly mistakes. In this post, you will learn about some tips to avoid these commonly made SEO mistakes. Here are tips to help you achieve all of your SEO dreams.

1. Picking the Right Keywords – Different websites will want to go for different keywords. It is important that you know the right keywords to go for. New websites will usually want to stick to more long tail keywords. A long tail keyword is usually a phrase of three or more words. Long tail keywords will typically have less competition than larger volume keywords. You don’t want to start out your SEO career by going after keywords that are overly competitive. For example, the keyword weight loss has a high search volume but would be very hard to rank for. Finding long tail keywords with traffic associated with them is a great way for new websites to gain traction.

2. Practice Good On-Page Optimization – Search engines use machines or bots to crawl all web pages. You will want to properly optimize your website for these bots. Having an optimized website means that bots will know what your website is all about. In turn, this information could lead to your website ranking for related keywords. However, having a poorly optimized website won’t help you out in achieving good rankings. Where many people go wrong with on page optimization is by going overboard with it. In general, you will want to insert keywords sparingly within your text. The general rule of thumb for keywords in a text is that you keep it at it 0.1-2 percent of the main text.

3. Use Quality Backlinks – One important aspect of attaining good rankings is receiving quality links. There are many services that can ensure your website receives the right backlinks. However, it is also common for some to want to take link building into their own hands. You won’t want to try and get backlinks from bad link neighborhoods. These neighborhoods are websites that are generally considered not safe for work. Blog commenting can be a great way to receive backlinks. It is always a great idea to find websites that are related to your area of expertise. You will want to look at websites that are in your niche but not your direct competition. Sites that show up near yours for searches are considered the direct competition. Once you’ve got a good list of relevant websites, try to leave a comment on them. One important aspect of effective link building is that you don’t rush it. Leaving a few insightful and valuable blog comments can give your site great backlinks.

4. Social Media is Important – Search engines have recently placed a lot of importance on social signals. These signals can come in the form of likes, shares, and related actions on social websites. Having active social media accounts can help you achieve your SEO dreams. Social signals help to show search engines that your brand is one people care about. Websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are all great places to start receiving social signals. These signals are great for improving search engine rankings and growing a digital audience. “