9 Ways SEO Benefits Your Website

Written by: Jason Bayless | February 11, 2015

SEO, or search engine optimization, is one of the most critical tools in website promotion and marketing. While the benefits of good SEO to your website are nearly limitless, there are nine key ways in which it most directly benefits your site. Today, we will take a look at these nine primary benefits of good SEO

1. Bringing More Visitors to Your Website

This is the ultimate goal of all SEO. If SEO is performed well on your website, search engines such as Google and Bing are more likely to give you a higher search ranking. This means that you are one of the top results for certain search keywords. Being near the top of the results will help you to gain more visitors organically. Keep in mind, very few people ever look past the first page of results for their search, so being highly ranked is all important!

2. Increase Your Chances for Sales

If your website is directed at making sales, SEO is your best friend. More visitors means more opportunities for someone to purchase your product. Think of your site as a storefront. If nobody walks by or comes in, you will not make any sales. SEO is what is largely responsible for getting people into your “store”.

3. Increase Advertising Revenues

Chances are, if you run a blog or other niche website, that at least part of your earnings from it will come from advertising revenue. Whether you use PPC advertising or flat rate banners and sidebars, the principle remains the same: more views equals more money. If you use PPC advertising, you will get more clicks with more visitors, and if you use flat rate paid advertising space, an increase in traffic will increase the rate that space on your site can command.

4. Bettering Your Brand

People like to connect to brands and titles. That is why branding is so critical in marketing, both digital and physical. By increasing your page rank through good SEO, you make it known that your brand is out there and available. It may seem inconsequential, but if results on your site keep coming up to the same person performing searches about a particular topic, you are creating the beginnings of brand awareness in that person.

5. Raising the Value of Your Site

Few website owners really think about it, but a website is like a house. You may occupy it for many years, but the time may someday come to sell it. Just like a house, you want it to have the highest possible market value if that day comes. Good SEO, which in turn generates high levels of traffic, will help to achieve that end.

6. New Content…for Free?

If your site becomes a real authority site on a given topic, you will likely be approached with offers from guest bloggers who want to get their names and websites out there. This is a difficult level to reach, but the key to getting there is still good SEO practice.

7. Bringing in Paid Product Review Offers

This is also a long way down the road for most website owners, but consistently high traffic, driven by well engineered SEO, can eventually bring your site to the attention of companies willing to pay you to review their product and present it to your readers.

8. Benefits Outside of Your Site

As your site grows, you may find yourself being asked to write as an authority for other websites in your niche. This may be paid, or it may just be fun for you. Either way, good SEO is necessary to develop your site to this point.

9. Local Benefits

If your site is for a small business, you need specialized SEO practices to ensure customers in your area find you in their searches. This is slightly different than general SEO, but well worth it if this is your situation.