9 Best SEO Tips

Written by: Jason Bayless | December 02, 2015

There are many aspects to consider when trying to improve your site’s rankings through Search Engine Optimization, and we know all the rules can be overwhelming. So, we’ve provided the 9 best SEO tips that are sure to maximize your site’s potential having it soar to the top of search engine rankings!

1. Maximize optimization and ranking through keywords.
It is important to find words that large search engines attribute to your site. This means paying attention to long tail key words. These key words are generally 3-4 words long and are less competitive than one word keywords. Being able to zero in on what your customers or guests are looking for in terms of ideas, can help your site or business score better rankings.

2. Get keyword ideas from your guests or customers.
When deciding which words to optimize, consider what words your guests will be searching for. Put yourself in their shoes and structure all of your content around their searches. Not only will this improve your rankings, it will also make your site easier to navigate and easier for guests to find it. Also, don’t forget to include these words throughout your entire site!

3. Focus on producing quality content
Search engines pay close attention to duplicated copy, so be sure all your content is original and relevant to your website and searches. Although there are some keywords that rank higher than others, this doesn’t mean it’s okay to feature them on your site. Search engines will pick up on this and blacklist your website as spam.

4. Network with other businesses or websites
Search engines look for related sources within your network, so it is smart to associate with people or businesses who have a large online presence. This is a good way to use links to your advantage by reaching out to other sites asking them to promote your website or blog. Also, don’t be shy when it comes to linking sources to other sites as well. This can go a long way when it comes to building a network.

5. Don’t be shy on social media.
Search engines will track how many likes or followers you have, and this can give your site a big boost when it comes to rankings. Plus, it’s easy and free advertisement!

6. Avoid keyword stuffing.
Keywords should usually be mentioned on a page about 3-4 times any more than that is considered excessive. Stuffing a website or page with keywords will jeopardize the content quality which could potentially lead to search engines reading the page as scam.

7. Try to avoid using JavaScript.
Although JavaScript is popular for layout and design, it is impossible for spider to find your links or keywords. Drop down menus or search bars are okay as long as you’ve got some actual links on the page.

8. Create quality links.
Filling your site with an abundance of poor quality links can actually harm your rankings, so make sure to always provide links that are relevant and necessary to your site.

9. Make sure your site is easy to navigate.
This is great not only for search engines, but customers and guests as well. If a site is loaded with JavaScript, or irrelevant links and keywords, crawlers and spiders will have a difficult time reading the context of the page. Make sure to use natural, readable language and to avoid splitting links. This will help boost your rankings and save a lot of time and energy in the long run.