8 Terrific Tips to Optimize Your Twitter

Written by: Jason Bayless | February 21, 2018

Building a successful business and brand online requires more than providing content, services, or products that are well-received and liked by your audience. Using social media platforms has become commonplace in the online professional world, regardless of industry. Utilizing a few tips and optimizing your Twitter is a great way to expand your reach online while building a positive reputation with followers and users who have a genuine interest in your brand.

Use a Tool to Track Your Twitter Stats

Using online tools, trackers, and apps helps to monitor your Twitter stats, reach, and most popular posting times. When you have an idea of the best days and times to post, create a schedule that runs automatically to ensure you never miss out on an opportunity to gain another follower or potential customer.

Research Trending Keywords and Phrases Relevant to Your Target Demographic

Research trending phrases and keywords that are relevant to your target demographic using Twitter itself along with various online tools designed to compare Twitter trends. Stay up to date with the latest Twitter trends regarding your industry and niche to provide consistent updates that are relevant, unique, and engaging to your audience.

Optimize Your Bio

Optimize your Twitter bio with a quick and brief introduction in addition to the type of content, products, or services you will be sharing. Include your location as well as your website’s URL when completing your Twitter bio so it is easier for other individuals to find you and verify your identification before following you online.

Upload a Properly Formatted Header Image

Always test your Twitter page’s header image on multiple devices to verify that it is loading properly for all of your page’s visitors. Header images may appear drastically different when using iOS versus Android smartphones, or tablets and desktop computers. Test how your header image appears before you begin sharing the link to your official Twitter page.

Implement Your Brand’s Colors Into Your Twitter Layout

Utilize the same official colors you have designated for your brand with the layout and design you plan to use for your Twitter page. Using your brand’s colors creates a professional appears and helps to build trust with followers and potential customers. An optimized Twitter page appears put together well and seamlessly integrates with any business or brand that is being promoted or represented.

Photos and Video Media

Use photos and video media files when updating your Twitter as much as possible. Media files are likely to be viewed much more when users are scrolling and browsing their current feeds.

Engage in Global Trending Topics

Follow trending topics that are available globally, in your country, or even in your local city to stay up to date with the latest relevant news. The more familiar you are with trending topics near you, the easier it is to craft updates with relevant information that helps to increase overall visibility of your Twitter page.

Pinning Important Tweets

Twitter allows all users the ability to “”pin”” an important tweet to their own official pages. When you pin a tweet, the message always appears at the top of your Twitter page, rather than scrolling down in chronological order with other published content. Pinning tweets are ideal when you want to promote a sale, your website’s URL, or new inventory you have available.

Properly optimizing your professional Twitter page is optimal whether you have just launched a new brand or if you are a local business seeking new methods of expanding your online presence. With the right tweaks, gain more exposure while appealing to the right audience of potential visitors and customers on your Twitter page alone.