8 SEO Secrets You Need To Know

Written by: Jason Bayless | May 27, 2015

Search engine optimization (SEO) has changed over the years and has become much more focused on finding content that is valuable to the user instead of just blindly chasing keywords. If you want to get the most from your SEO tactics, then there are a few secrets you need to know that can help you to enhance your search results and move your website higher up on the results pages.

SEO Is A Marathon, Not A Sprint

The Internet has created a society of people who want instant results and, for the most part, those speedy outcomes are easily obtained online. But when it comes to your SEO tactics, there is no quick solution.

According to Forbes Magazine, a good SEO strategy involves long-term planning and a great deal of patience. It could take months for you to start seeing the results of your hard work, but the months of waiting will be worth it when your revenue starts to climb

Always Offer Value

The days of buying good links and stuffing your website content with keywords to get good search engine results are long since over. The problem is that many website owners do not understand where to go with their SEO strategies and the results can be confusing and often detrimental to getting a good position on the first results page.

One of the main secrets to good SEO is to utilize content and links that offer value to your user. When you put a link in your content, make sure it goes to a site that compliments your content. When you create content for your site, be sure to develop articles that will build a strong relationship between you and the reader.

Use Multimedia

There are certain elements to a website that many website owners think are optional. In reality, website elements such as multimedia features are essential in drawing traffic. According to AdWeek.com, Google is more inclined to move your website up the search engine results if you include multimedia to enhance your content.

The key here is to remember to enhance your content with multimedia and to not let it get out of control. Animated images of cats rolling around on your website when your content has nothing to do with cats is not going to improve your SEO results. But pictures and instructional videos about the content you offer will enhance your web traffic.

Use Local Search Functions

Google and other search engines have local business search features that you can use to significantly enhance your SEO results. Register your business with all of the search engines and people looking for businesses just like yours in your local geographic area will suddenly start to see your website pop up at the top of the results pages on a regular basis.

Replace Linking With Social Media

Instead of looking around for websites to link to, you should be spending your time loading up your website with buttons that your traffic can use to share your website with their social media friends. When it comes to an accessible and cost-effective form of marketing, it is hard to beat social media. By encouraging your traffic to share your content on social media, you are gaining more exposure for your website than linking ever could.

Watch Your Analytics

Your website analytics can play a huge role in improving the SEO results for your website. For example, if you have a huge bounce rate on your home page, then you need to start altering elements of your home page until that bounce rate starts going down. Does your home page need to be more user friendly, or is the content not specific enough? By altering your content and tracking results with your analytics software, you can make changes that will really affect your web traffic.

Develop A Mobile Site

A large portion of your Internet users are accessing the Internet through their mobile devices. If you want to capitalize on that traffic, then you need to develop a comprehensive mobile website that gives your users an experience that is similar to your main website.

Fix Up Your Site

These days, a website that looks professional and offers a comfortable user interface is going to be preferred by Google. The new Google algorithms are looking for very specific features in websites such as a designated area for advertising and a website navigational system that is easy to use. Take the time to clean up your website’s layout and you will start to see your SEO results improve.

To get your website seen by more people, it needs to show up at the top of the first page of Google search results. When you focus on the SEO aspects of your website, you can enhance your search results and drive more traffic.