7 Ways to SEO Your LinkedIn Profile

Written by: Jason Bayless | June 28, 2017

Everyone has an idea of how crucial it is to optimize a website for search. The same rules apply to a person’s LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network. To get more views and exposure, consider the following tips.

1. Add an eye-catching background photo. A background photo can add personality to a profile. One has to keep in mind that LinkedIn is highly professional. The photo should be professional and appropriate. The wrong photo can send the wrong message.

2. Provide a complete profile. While this may be a no-brainer, too many people miss the opportunity to add relevant bulk to their profile. Complete every section thoroughly. Consult LinkedIn’s help page for helpful information. Job descriptions should include links to a professional portfolio. Complete profiles get noticed more often than those with sparse information.

3. Optimize every job title for keyword searches. People on LinkedIn, just like the Internet, search by using keywords. Recruiters looking for talent do exactly the same. Be mindful as well of the keywords used by people looking for a specific set of skills and experience.

4. Stay active in group memberships. The best advice is to only join industry-related groups. This way, it is far easier to add value and participate in discussions. Geo-targeting groups to join can help get profiles noticed. Other members are looking to expand their influence as well by using the same tactic.

5. Expand networks through article writing and sharing relevant information. LinkedIn provides the perfect opportunity for connecting with colleagues while keeping a work-life balance on a social media network. The goal is to connect to as many relevant people as possible.

6. Optimize all job descriptions. This area needs special attention. Some use bullet points with relevant keywords. This also helps to make their content more reader-friendly. Never stuff keywords. Algorithms can sense it and will ding content as a result.

7. It does not hurt to promotes one’s LinkedIn profile in as many places as possible. Consider social media venues like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ accounts. Linking to a website creates an inbound link on its behalf. A little effort in boosting a LinkedIn profile can go a long way.

Like anything in life, it is the little things that count. Hundreds of millions of professionals engage LinkedIn by writing articles and sharing information. LinkedIn is a powerful networking platform that grows exponentially.