7 Unusual Tips To Improve Your SEO With Social Media

Written by: Jason Bayless | May 30, 2018

“Even the most social media savvy businesses can benefit from an improvement in their search engine rankings. With social media platforms constantly updating and adding new features, keeping up with the latest trends can be a bit of a challenge. However, with these ever-changing times comes new opportunities to use social media to your benefit.

Social Media for SEO

Companies that are invested in their social media marketing understand just how much of an impact their social media content has on their SEO. If your followers are engaging with and sharing your posts, you’ll soon see that your SEO has increased significantly. Wondering how to boost your SEO with social media? Read on.

1. Use Fewer Words

Not all copy is good copy, even if it’s written well. When it comes to social media, less is definitely more. When companies post blogs or ads with long-format copy, followers are more likely to scroll past without taking a second glance. This is why it is a good idea to stick to copy that is no more than 40 characters.

2. Include a Call to Action

Believe it or not, most of your followers are looking for a call to action or any type of request so they understand how they should react to your content. Try these basic phrases like “”see””, “”follow””, “”check out””, “”retweet””, and the like to increase your click-through rate with your posts.

3. Share Useful Content

In order to secure a connection with your audience, ensure that your content on social media offers a way to help them. Your content should highlight a common problem and offer a solution. By giving your followers a reason to click-through, you are ensuring the success of your social media content.

4. Optimize All Social Media Profiles

Research the best SEO keywords for your company and be sure to have them in the bios, summaries, headlines, and links to your profiles on your social media accounts.

5. Optimize Your Content

Never miss out on the opportunity to boost your rankings with your content. Be sure to place your SEO keywords into your content as well, This will elevate your company’s ranking while boosting your business’ visibility.

6. Create Content Around Keywords

As you work on developing content for future posts, be sure to keep your keywords in mind. Any successful marketing strategy should include content creation centered around SEO keywords. By focusing on these types of topics, you are guaranteed to increase your ranking and click-through rate on social media and in search engines.

7. Consider Backlinks as You Create Content

In today’s world, content created for social media often ends up in articles, slideshows, blog posts, and more. With stellar content, you can be sure that other people will want to use your posts, allowing you to gain backlinks for your websites and social platforms.

Social media is already making a huge impact on businesses’ search engine rankings. If you want to make the most of the content you share on social media, be sure to follow these seven tips. With high quality, shareable content, you’ll be sure to see a significant boost in your rankings.”