7 Tips to Increase Lead Generation on Mobile Devices

Written by: Jason Bayless | December 12, 2016
Mobile traffic has already surpassed desktop, so it’s important for business owners to take lead generation via mobile devices into consideration. The strategies and techniques that work on desktop don’t always work for mobile. For example, if you code something to reveal upon hovering, people on mobile devices will never see it because they can’t hover from mobile. In order to increase the number of leads you receive from mobile devices, implement the following tips:

1. Use Correct Mobile Keypads

There are different types of mobile keypads you can use for fillable forms on your website, such as the number pad and email related pad. You should use the number pad for data fields that require a user to enter their phone number or any other information that solely consists of numbers.

The email related keypad has the @ symbol and “.com” button included on the keypad, allowing mobile users to enter their email address quickly. Using the appropriate keypad for each field in your forms will increase conversions because it’s easier and quicker to fill out.

2. Don’t Use Hovers

You may have used a hover function on the desktop version of your website, in which the user will see some sort of message or another action occur when they hover over an item. Mobile phones don’t have a hover function, so they will never see it. Don’t use hovers to reveal additional content, information, forms, or anything else you want mobile users to be able to see.

3. Repeat Your CTA Throughout Longform Content

Longform content is extra long on mobile devices due to smaller screens than desktops. Therefore, fewer people will make it to the end of your content to see your CTA, which naturally leads to fewer conversions. To solve this problem, include your call to action at different points throughout your content. As mobile users scroll through the copy, they should see the CTA before reaching the end of the content.

4. Make Your Phone Number into a Link

Another way to increase lead generation on mobile devices is to make your phone number into a link. Mobile users should be able to tap on your phone number and have it initiate the phone call for them. It saves them the time of manually dialing your number. Anything that saves a user time in contacting you or converting will help increase lead generation.

5. Start a Text Message Campaign

An often overlooked way to generate more leads on mobile devices are text campaigns. An example of a text message campaign is offering a discount when customers text a the promo code to a specific number. You can then text customers about future sales and discounts. Do this sparingly, however, or else it will be viewed as spam and anger customers.

6. Ensure Your Emails Are Mobile-Friendly

Another way to increase lead generation on mobile devices is to ensure your emails are mobile-friendly in your email marketing campaign. If emails don’t load properly on mobile devices, you’re losing out on leads.

7. Shorten Sign Up Forms

Sign up forms appear to be longer on mobile devices. Keep this in mind as you create sign up forms. You want them to be as short as possible for mobile users, so that they’ll be more inclined to fill them out.

It’s easy to generate more leads on mobile devices when you implement the seven tips listed above. Due to the fact that mobile traffic outnumbers desktop now, it’s crucial for businesses to pay attention to mobile lead generation. Failure to do so results in lost leads. Mobile lead generation will only continue to increase in importance as mobile technology advances.