7 SEO Copywriting Tips

Written by: Jason Bayless | September 19, 2016
Based on what can be inferred from the statistics, copywriting investment may be even more valuable than what many people might be aware of. The reports indicate that nearly ¾ of all web browsers pay special attention to the quality of grammar and spelling accuracy on all official company websites.

In addition to the attention that web browsers pay to spelling and grammar, more than half of all consumers report that they would actually refrain from doing business with a company whose copy is full of spelling errors.

Naturally, effective copywriting is aided by more than just airtight grammar and spelling. The following copywriting tips can be invaluable for ensuring that your content is perfectly optimized for maximum efficiency.

Bucket brigades

To encourage more reader retention, you may want to employ the power of bucket brigades. To put it simply, bucket brigades refer to the process of leading into an emphasized section of the copy with a sentence that ends in a colon.

The power of the bucket brigade can be most accurately summarized like so:

Spotlighting your most important content in an area where you suspect that users may hit the back button.

After the colon, you can have the statement appear in a standalone row, followed by another break before continuing the copy. Essentially, this helps whatever statement you use the bucket brigade for to stand out more prominently. Strategically using bucket brigades to emphasize key points of your copy will ensure that readers will be able to grasp the gist of your content with more immediacy.

Unique keyword ranking

In addition to making sure that you can rank for strong and relevant keywords in your niche, you will also want to make sure that you capitalize upon your own unique keywords as well. Whatever the keyword is that uniquely identifies your company, such as the brand name itself, you are going to want to capitalize upon it in the majority of your content. The brand name is just as much of the keyword as any other element, and so naturally, you will want to rank for it above all else.

Use calls to action

Because those who are most invested in your content will be the ones to make it to the end, you shouldn’t let their increased retention go to waste. At the end of all of your content, do not neglect to include a call to action (CTA) for joining your email subscription list or finding out more information about anything that you have to offer.

Always use subheadings

Nobody wants to read a gigantic wall of text. Using subheadings is a staple for any copywriter who wants to make their content easier on the eyes and more inviting to scan.


Make sure to use hyperlinks to link to other high-ranking content that centers around the same content that you yourself are writing about. Not only will using hyperlinks add more credibility to your own content, but it will also give Google’s algorithm the green light to consider it for a higher ranking indexation by virtue of association.

Emphasize informational value

Never directly appeal for purchases, because people will actively reject the feeling of being solicited. Always make sure to prioritize sharing information that your target reader will find relevant instead of pushing a sale; by acting as a benefactor instead of a salesman, both your conversions and your ability to retain a loyal reader base will increase.

Make sure to emphasize your captions

Most content readers will actually devote more attention to the text in image captions than the body copy. You can take advantage of the increased attention for visual stimulus in your content by putting crucial information in the captions of your images. By putting key content in your captions, you can ensure that a greater proportion of your readers will immediately have their eyes drawn to it.


By keeping all of the above tips in mind, you can guarantee that you will always be able to reach the maximum potential for exposure and respect in your field. Even though different areas of business have different needs for certain forms of copy, these common denominators will always help you get a leg up on the competition that does not take as much time to fortify the strength of their copy.