7 Reasons You Should Stop Managing Your SEO and Hire a Pro

Written by: Jason Bayless | October 03, 2016
Many amateur marketers believe that SEO is something they can easily accomplish. It’s just about placing keywords throughout content – right?

Unfortunately, that isn’t the case anymore. SEO involves a number of factors, components, and adequate research to create an effective strategy, which can be confusing, complicated, and difficult for someone without a marketing background.

If you’re struggling to complete a SEO strategy that works, here are seven reasons you should consider hiring a pro.

1. SEO is hard.
Not everyone can be an expert in SEO and that’s okay. It is complicated to understand the way that Google works and to keep up with all the changes to the algorithm. If you are a small business, you have enough things to worry about than learning SEO. Hiring a professional takes the stress off you so you can focus on other things.

2. You must keep learning.
SEO is constantly changing, so that means you need to always be aware of changing rules or new strategies. You could spend hours learning about SEO only to have it change on you the next day. A professional will always know the changes and latest advancements.

3. You can’t afford mistakes.
With other kinds of marketing, you can make small mistakes without it hurting the entire idea. But with SEO, even the smallest mistakes can throw the entire strategy off. If you aren’t a professional, you’ll be more prone to making mistakes that will hurt you. By hiring a professional, they know all the common mistakes that are frequently made and how to combat them.

4. You don’t have access to tools
While there are some free tools you can use to begin your SEO strategy, they don’t work as well as professional grade research tools. If you’re not a professional, you probably don’t have it in your budget to purchase these tools either. Instead, hire a professional that already has access to the tools you need and understands how to use them.

5. They know analytics
Your analytics allow you to see how well your SEO strategy is working. If you’re not a professional, you may not know how to measure the right analytics or understand what they mean. Part of an SEO professional’s job is to provide detailed analytics and insights on how well your SEO is working. They also know how to read these analytics and make necessary changes.

6. They watch competitors.
SEO is all a battle to be the first on a list of results, meaning you need to pay attention to what your competitors are doing. When you’re running a business, you don’t have time to focus on these things. Your SEO professional can monitor the changes they’re making, the keywords that they’re targeting, and how their SEO strategy is working. They will then understand how to use this information to improve your own strategy.

7. There is a high ROI
While you can expect to pay for your SEO professional, they will also help you make more money. The ROI potential for a professional SEO strategist is usually high, so your investment will be returned. This also means that paying more for a great SEO professional can get you better results and profit than trying to save money by hiring someone on the cheaper end.

SEO isn’t something you can pick up in just a few hours and you shouldn’t try. As it becomes more and more crucial to the success of your business, you can’t afford to not have a great SEO strategy. Don’t allow yourself to struggle through learning how to make an SEO strategy that works for you and grows your business. Instead, hire a professional to take the stress off your shoulders.