7 Important Content Writing Tips for Better SEO

Written by: Jason Bayless | January 24, 2018

Good content is a major part of SEO. Unfortunately, there’s just too much bad information floating around about what makes content worth publishing. If you are serious about SEO and want to improve your visitor counts, you’ll need to incorporate a few simple tricks. Below are seven important content writing tips that will help you to improve your SEO.

Have a Hook

The average readers decides if content is relevant quickly. If you want people to keep reading your content, you’ve got to have a hook. Put something useful in the first few sentences that let your audience know what your content is about. If you can’t get them with the first few sentences, you certainly won’t keep them later. If all else fails, structure your content like an essay – tell them what you’re going to talk about, talk about it, and summarize. It’s simple, but it works.

Keep it Short

SEO content can range for thousands of words, and that’s fine. You should, however, pay attention to sentence and paragraph length. Keep sentences short and paragraphs punchy. Remember, many readers are looking at your content on mobile devices. Paragraphs that run forever will cause most to turn away from simple eye strain.

Write for People

It’s very important that you remember to write for humans. There is a trend in SEO to only think about the algorithms, but that’s only half of the equation. Engaging readers is responsible not only for reducing bounce time away from your site, but for virally spreading your content. Don’t get so deep into the specifics of SEO that you forget that people need to read your content!

Don’t Stuff

Keywords are good. Keywords are useful. Keywords should, however, never be the dominant force in your writing. Stuffing keywords is useless from a mechanical perspective and downright dangerous from a reader perspective. It’s good to target a phrase, but make sure that’s the phrase can be naturally worked into your writing. Incorporating a key phrase once or twice should be more than enough.

Remember Your Headers

Headers are fantastic for SEO content. Not only are they a convenient place to put your keywords, but they are great for breaking up your content into easy-to-digest chunks. Good headers will also help you keep to shorter paragraphs, which increase readability.

Know Your Audience

Who are you writing for? If you don’t know, there’s not a good reason to publish that piece. Know your audience and tailor all of your content to them. It’s better to reach a small group of people who will react than to be ignored by a larger group. Tailor your language, presentation, and content to the people who are likely to visit your page if you want to see results.

Make it Relevant

Finally, make sure that you give your visitors a reason to look at your content. Provide information or entertainment. Yes, you’re trying to get visitors to your site but this should be a reciprocal relationship. If your visitors don’t get something from you, they won’t come back. Make the content you write a reason to visit your site.

You have the ability to craft great SEO content. Pay attention to the fundamentals and always err on the side of readability. If you can put in the work now, you’ll reap the rewards in the future. Whether you’re trying to get more visitors to your website or you want to sell a product, spending some time enacting these tips will help your SEO content to more profitable.