7 E-Commerce Trends We Are Seeing

Written by: Jason Bayless | February 06, 2017
E-commerce websites benefit the most from SEO because it enables them to conduct customer transactions. SEO trends have been evolving since the turn of the year to bring about better results in Search Engine Optimization strategies. Timely updates have enabled these changes in Google algorithms, the invention of new technologies and insights, and innovative practices by webmasters. E-commerce companies are adapting to the latest trends in SEO to stay ahead of the competition. Below are seven SEO trends in the e-commerce sector that you need to keep a keen eye on:

Long-Form Content Is Necessary

A while back, e-commerce sites used to have short-form content on their product pages. The content usually involved a title, product description of the commodity, a few photos, and the latest customer reviews about the product. However, search engines tend to favor more long-form content compared to short-form content. E-commerce websites have now shifted to long-form content that is more detailed and has conversational phrases. The effect of using long-form content is that it makes the website more relevant to search queries and enables the e-commerce site to differentiate itself from other sites. It is advisable to create a blog on the site as a way to get search engine favoritism.

Use of Out-Of-The-Box SEO Strategies

Search engines have inspired the development of SEO technology by development of third-party apps and widgets. The emerging technology has enabled webmasters to optimize their sites with little input. Therefore, they get great results by use of SEO techniques. WordPress plugins such as Yoast SEO, have frequently been used because of their ability to handle on-site SEO automatically.

Use of Video Content

Video content is an effective marketing strategy. Availability of Wi-Fi has made video sharing more advanced and prominent. E-commerce sites hoist their video content on YouTube to promote their products due to its virility. Those that do not use video content are lagging behind.

Mobile Optimization Is Critical
Google Mobilegeddon Updates have solidified the basics of mobile optimization. However, a webmaster needs to do more to stand out in the search world. Mobile optimization appeals to everyone who owns a smartphone. Therefore, mobile optimization must aim at providing the best content for mobile users. Moreover, your website should be friendly in its appearance to attract many mobile users.

Shareability on Social Media
Many e-commerce websites have resorted to using social media platforms to promote their products, services, and brands. A majority of the e-commerce sites receive positive Returns On Investments by engaging their clients in social media. Interaction sites such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and SnapChat can be used to drive traffic to your site because of their strong appeal to the young generation. Social media sharing increases visibility and ranking signals.

Use of Digital Assistance And Voice Search

Digital assistance and voice search tools have been gaining popularity. More people are relying on voice search services. Conglomerate technology companies are also coming up with their digital assistant devices which have extensive capabilities like Cortana, Google Now, and Siri. E-commerce marketers are quickly taking advantage of this trend to attain more optimization for long-tail phrases.

Local Results Have Gained Popularity

Most e-commerce companies choose to operate on a national level because they aim to attract a larger audience. However, local SEO has undergone significant changes in the recent past that have resulted in better results. Use of local strategy can help e-commerce firms to target a smaller and relevant market than that of their competitors. Moreover, local strategies help e-commerce companies to differentiate themselves from their rival companies.

Use of these seven emerging trends will ensure that your campaign remains visible and relevant to your consumers. These trends should be considered because they will grow your business with immediate effect.