7 Best SEO Tools for Boosting Your Content

Written by: Jason Bayless | December 16, 2015

Working on the SEO of your website can be a whirlwind of data analysis and research. Several tools are available on the market today that provide different advantages to make the task easier. The great news is that a lot of these tools are completely free to use, requiring just a download. Here are seven of my favorites.

1. CTMetrix
CTMetrix is a completely free tool that measures page speed and diagnoses opportunities for improvement. During the late 90’s, page speed wasn’t exactly the purview of SEO. However, today, everything that impacts a user’s experience on a website impacts its search strength. CTMetrix enables you to make certain that your website is loading quickly, and provides you with some great ideas for how to improve your site speed.

2. Hootsuite
Social media is crucial nowadays for improving the visibility of your website. Hootsuite may be one of the best free social media aggregators on the market today. It offers post scheduling and feed aggregation in one handy package, and it can connect to most of the most popular social networks.

3. Wayback Machine
The Internet Wayback Machine is extremely useful for those who have recently made changes to their website and forgot to make a backup beforehand. Input the website you wish to view, and you can view various automatic archives throughout the history of the website. It’s an independent website, so you don’t have control over what gets archived and what doesn’t, but it is great for emergency retrieval. Plus, it’s just fun to see how your website has improved over the years.

Thanks to Lunametrics for tipping me off to the above three sources. However, I would like to transition to tools that might be considered closer to “traditional” SEO. The following four tools are great helps for on-page optimization. Thanks to http://searchenginewatch.com/sew/opinion/2303494/21-best-free-seo-tools-for-on-page-optimization# Search Engine Watch for tipping me off to them.

4. Wordstream Free Keyword Tool
Wordstream is a free keyword research tool that is great for brainstorming long-tail keywords for a website. Despite paid options being available, this free tool remains one of the best tools on the market for this initial exploration step. The free version only provides alternative keywords to consider and a relative frequency measure, so it has its limits. However, it’s top-notch for exploring new SEO keyword possibilities.

5. Convert Word Documents to Clean HTML
It’s the name of the tool and what it does. For those who create their HTML pages in Microsoft Word first, this tool helps to strip the script down to the essentials. This results in optimized HTML file sizes, which factors into the load speed of any website.

6. Copyscape
This is a powerful plagiarism checker with an extremely simple interface. It couldn’t be easier to use: enter the URL to a webpage you wish to check for duplicate content. However, Copyscape is powerful in this regard, and can provide you with great insight into whether the content on your site is original or duplicated from another source. Duplicate content is not good for your website SEO, making this a powerful tool for the SEO’s arsenal.

7. Robots.txt Checker
This unassuming little tool is great for ensuring that your Robots.txt files are formatted correctly. It’s a simple thing, but can save an SEO headaches on certain problems.

There are many other SEO tools available on the market today. These seven happen to all be free, but there are paid options as well. For example, WordStream offers a more robust paid utility that is great for PPC analysis. However, these seven SEO tools go a long way to casting a wide net with your SEO efforts.