7 Best SEO Practices to Boost Traffic

Written by: Jason Bayless | September 11, 2015

Deciding to boost the SEO practices currently employed on your page is a smart move. You likely notice how intensely the competition has grown, particularly in the past few years as more website owners respect the importance of SEO. Yet you don’t just want to incorporate strategies; you want to incorporate the best ones.

1. Remove the stuffed keywords and phrases.
Imagine that you visit a website and the content is completely stuffed with keywords and phrases. In fact, it’s so overdone that some of the words do not even make grammatical or structural sense in the copy. Chances are, you would turn away and select a different site for your needs. When your copy sounds as though it was written by a team of robots, people often think of it as spam.

2. Polish up your writing skills.
In the modern world, consumers demand a high level of trust in companies from which they purchase products. That arises heavily from the fact that they are shopping online more now than ever. Consumers need to know that their credit card information is safe and that products will arrive as products. When your content is filled with grammar errors and typos, the consumers do not trust your business to care about its services.

3. Use content marketing.
Right now, content marketing has a prodigious presence in the world of SEO, and to ignore it is to ignore the needs of your company. Content marketing can come in many forms. You might use videos to promote your products or blogs to discuss the way products can be used on a daily basis. Get creative with your content. A blend of visual and written content is one of the best ways to attract diverse audiences.

4. Use fresh content.
Envision a page that has the same content on it for months or even years at a time. The goal is to get people coming back to your site, not to visit for just one fleeting time. Make sure that the content is fresh. When you feel as though you have run out of things to say about your business or its product, hire guest bloggers or video producers to create material that you can use.

5. Make your site friendly for mobile devices.
Chances are, you spend a great deal of time researching different business on your phone, so you should not assume that your consumers are any different. Of course, various target audiences have their own needs; however, in general, you need to make sure that your website is friendly for mobile devices. Doing so is a service to your customers, and it also helps you to get more people into the business.

6. Develop social media strategies too.
Failure to employ social media as the end of 2015 approaches is a major mistake. Some people do not even check out websites anymore first; instead, they head right to social media to find out if the company has a page or an account. This strategy benefits you in other ways too. Not only do you get to strengthen your SEO efforts, but you also have the chance to communicate with your customers in a more direct way than ever before. That personal touch can keep them coming back to your business.

7. Establish a presence in directories.
When people go to search for companies that offer your products and services in the area, you want to make sure that your business is one of the first ones that they see. Establishing a presence in online directories is of utmost importance when you want to pursue that goal.

The best strategies to use can vary by your business. For example, small, community-based businesses often need to employ local SEO. However, these strategies will allow you to get started on creating a site that brings in more traffic and, as a result, more money.