6 Tips for Successful Twitter Marketing

Written by: Jason Bayless | August 26, 2016
Twitter marketing can be great for businesses, but it’s often not used effectively. It’s one of the most popular social media platforms, which can make it vital for your business. Unfortunately, not everyone is using Twitter effectively to reach their potential customers.

Basics of Twitter

Brand Your Profile
Make sure your profile includes a biography and avatar that is instantly recognizable as coming from your company. In a glance, it should be informative and clear. Include links to your website’s landing page as well as an image that isn’t too cluttered or busy.

Some companies use the Twitter background as a way to give customers more information. It can include other social media addresses or information about new products.

The Use of Hashtags
Nobody has the time or capacity to watch their entire news feed scroll throughout the day. Often, users will group other Twitter users into categories based on hashtags and interests. If you make furniture, you’d want to use relevant hashtags for the industry like ones related to furniture, design and home improvements.

While it might be tempting to use popular hashtags to get your message in front of more eyes, if it’s not relevant to them, the recipients of your message will only ignore it. You should also limit the amount of hashtags to only a few. You don’t want to look like you’re spamming your content for the views only.

Find Your Voice
While you’re running a business, you don’t want to be formal in your communications with others on Twitter. It’s a place where customers want to feel as if they’re getting to know you through your company. It’s best to use first person where possible and be as genuine as you can.

They should definitely reflect the passion and personality of the business. Tweets from a comedian will be different from those of a national brand, but they should both be what the customer expects from them.

Advanced Tactics

Provide Value
When a brand is always talking about itself and its products, customers will often tune it out completely. Self promotion should be tempered with shares of things that your followers will find interesting. For example, a company that sells camping gear can link to articles about hiking and the outdoors. That will provide value to the company’s followers.

You can use hashtags yourself to find relevant articles and share them with your followers. The tweets you post don’t always have to be about a product or shares of other people’s articles. You can share videos or create stunning pictures for your viewers.

Listen to Customers
Unhappy customers will jump onto their favorite social media platform to complain or rant about terrible experiences they’ve had with a product or service. It’s vital that you have someone prepared to answer customer complaints online through social media.

You’re not going to be able to solve their problem in 140 characters, but you can invite them to contact your customer service department or speak to them directly over the phone. You should never leave a customer rant out there on the web without addressing it in a calm manner.

Deals and Discounts
While you shouldn’t be completely self-promotional, you should be sharing great deals and discounts with your customers. One of the biggest reasons that people follow a company’s social media account is to be the first ones to receive news and promotions.

You can give your followers deals and discounts not available to anyone else. This rewards them for following and will cause others to become your company’s follower as well. You can entice them to be a follower on your website. You can direct them right to your Twitter page.

Twitter is a powerful social media tool for driving business. It can be leveraged to provide advantages to your business that can’t be had on other platforms. It’s fast and free to use.