6 Design and Development Tips for SEO

Written by: Jason Bayless | June 26, 2017

A lot of website owners wait until after their website is finished to think about SEO, but everyone knows that the way to build a great building is to start with a solid foundation. The way you build your website can influence your future search engine rankings. Here are six tips to get you underway.

1. Collaborate
First off, it’s important to openly discuss expectations with the web design team. Discuss the marketing goals you have for the website. Focus on how feasible the design will be, and keep the info in mind before work on the website begins. It’s best to have expectations out in the open where everyone can see them.

2. Content Grouping
Group the content listed on the menu based on how relevant it is. For example, you might have one menu item labeled “Services” where you list all of your company services, and another called “Portfolio” that lists the top companies you’ve worked with. Use descriptions with each menu item to help visitors find what they want easily.

3. Text Links
Have you ever noticed the text links at the very bottom of a web page? They may not look very exciting, but listing text links in the footer is very useful for SEO. They’re helpful for website visitors, and also for search engine crawlers that come onto your site.

4. Breadcrumb Navigation
This method lists the sequence of pages a visitor has visited to get to the page that they’re currently on. Not only does it help visitors to not get lost, but it helps search engines to understand the structure of the website. Breadcrumb navigation also adds content relevance to the page, and so it’s just the thing that you want search engine crawlers to see.

5. Think Landing Pages
It’s best to think of each page of your website as a landing page. Should someone
stumble onto a random page of your site by accident they should be able to find the information that they’re looking for, as well as info on what steps to take next.

6. Proper Placement
Place your brand’s primary message, the logo, and the website navigation above the fold. This gives the best first impression to page visitors, and the first impression is the most important.

SEO is a necessary part of online marketing success. These six steps are great stepping stones to an effective search engine optimized site.