6 Blog Tips for Better SEO

Written by: Jason Bayless | February 18, 2014

A blog is an ideal way to keep your site supplied with fresh content, and it’s especially helpful for posting the kind of timely, trendy and useful content that both users and search engines are searching for. But chances are, your blog could be working harder and doing more to drive search engine traffic to your website.

For best SEO results, makes sure your blogging habits include these six tips:

Post often. Regular blog postings are the way to readers’ hearts and minds. And the more influential your blog becomes, the more your posts will be linked to and shared across the Web. That’s why it’s important to be consistent with the quality and timing of your blog posts.

Write well and choose better topics. You know your business, you keep up with industry trends, and you have endless amounts of useful information to share with eager readers. But if your writing is unfocused and rambling, poorly written or just plain unhelpful, it’s not doing your readers or your professional image any favors. Hire a writer or at least an editor who can help you structure your thoughts into a more coherent form. Also, browsing industry forums or reading blog comments can provide ideas about the kind of topics your readers are interested in.

Respond to comments. Comments are gold. They mean that real people are reading and responding to your blog posts (unless they are obviously spam full of shady hyperlinks, in which case your only response should be the “delete” button). But comments from real readers deserve a real and courteous reply – especially if they ask you a question, and even if they are just commenting to disagree with you. Make sure your blog is set up to notify you automatically whenever someone comments so you can respond in a timely manner.

Don’t overdo the guest posts. Your blog is a place to establish yourself as an industry expert and build relationships with customers. Don’t throw away that opportunity by constantly handing the reins to guest bloggers who may not even work for your company.

Make your blog searchable. If you’re blogging well, readers will want to read more – to find out what you have to say on a variety of topics and industry news stories. Make sure it’s easy for them to search your blog posts for the subjects they care about most.

Your blog is not an infomercial. Don’t over-promote your own products and services – that’s what press releases, special offers and social media are for. Keep the self-promotion to a minimum if you want to gain credibility with readers. Also, don’t pack your posts full of keywords – another blogging tactic that can hurt your professional image.

Your website’s blog is a place to showcase your industry knowledge and skill sets, but keep in mind that it’s also a place to answer reader questions and help your visitors find the kind of information that is really useful and relevant to them. Keep your focus on helping your readers, write well and post often, and you’ll very likely see an improvement in your search engine rankings.