6 Best SEO Practices

Written by: Jason Bayless | June 20, 2016

Search engine optimization can have a profound impact on your ability to get traffic for your online content. Traffic is important because you won’t gain any visibility or make any sales if no one sees your video or sales page. What are some SEO tactics that you should keep in mind when creating and marketing your content?

Remember That Content is King

By now, the fact that content is a huge part of your SEO plan shouldn’t come as a surprise. However, it is important to know what type of content you can use to encourage sharing and increase your ability to get high rankings for both short and long-tail keywords. Lists, interviews and tutorials are all effective types of content to encourage shares and rank for keywords.

Keep Titles to Less Than 65 Characters

The number 65 is one to keep in mind because that is how many characters you are allowed to have before your title is cut off in search results. You should also make sure that your meta descriptions are less than 170 characters as that is when they will be cut off in search results. In addition to looking silly, you may not get your keywords or message across with title or descriptions that go past those limits.

Know How to Optimize for Social Media

How content from Twitter is organized and optimized is different than how Facebook or LinkedIn content is organized and optimized. Therefore, you need to educate yourself on these differences if you are going to make the most of your social media accounts. Remember, it is possible that these accounts are found through search before any of your other content is.

Be Honest and Transparent With Your Audience

You should never use keywords that don’t sound natural in text or speech. Never hide links or create content that is dangerous or illegal. Doing so is one of the easiest ways to have your content sandboxed by Google and have it never appear in the results. It also gets your content and brand labeled as spam or shady.

Your Audience Is as Important as Your Content

It is a lot easier to get social shares when your audience is willing to promote your content for you. While paid promotion isn’t taboo, it is obvious that you are trying to push your product or service. When one of your readers or YouTube subscribers shares on video on his or her own, it is seen as validation that the content is valuable. Therefore, encourage your audience to share your work, and make sure you spend as much time growing your audience as you do making content.

Make Sure to Keep Up With the Evolution of SEO

Have at least one person either on your staff or through an outside SEO agency keep track of changes in SEO practices. This in itself is a best practice because you don’t want to be attempting something that may have worked in 2014 but isn’t a best practice today or accepted by your audience. It is important to keep in mind that even a single change could result in a serious cut to your traffic if you aren’t ready for it.

SEO is critical for any type of content that you want to create. Whether you focus on text, video or infographics, the right mix of keyword targeting and audience targeting can help you reach your target market and get consistent traffic.