5 Ways to Acquire High PR Links

Written by: Jason Bayless | June 08, 2015

There are multitudinous methods that can be used to promote a website for the purpose of building consistent traffic to the website; however, the most effective method for driving visitors to any site is through organic traffic as a result of search engine search results. In order to be effective in creating organic search engine traffic, sites have to rank high in specific searches, and everyone who has even a limited perspicacity of SEO understands that creating high quality links is essential to building a good SEO strategy that results in a high page ranking. Google gives a great deal of gravity to quality links, but they will also penalize any types of linking schemes and links with poor quality.

It is immensely important to create links that are constructed with a very solid foundation of targeted links that will have the capacity to stand to the inevitable changes at Google. Following are five tips that will help companies build strong links that provide optimal results.

1. Target High PR Pages

It is not difficult to find sites that have high page rankings; however, finding a site with a high page ranking is not, in and of itself, sufficient. To gain the best results, it is important to find the highest ranking pages on these sites. There are a number page ranking tools available online that will allow site owners to narrow down pages by their page rank, making it easy to find the best pages to link to and from.

2. Use Do-Follow Links

Once a company establishes a list of a high ranking pages, it is best to use tools or plug-ins that will allow them to guarantee themselves as a possessor of a do-follow link to that page. Pages that rank as no-follow pages are not necessarily useless; however, they are watered down, and they will not carry very much gravity as far as building a high page ranking for a site is concerned. So, it is best to find pages that are classified as do-follow.

3. Guest Blogging

One very effective method of building backlinks is to operate as a guest blogger on a high ranking blog site. This is definitely a way to generate a considerable amount of interest in the site. This particular step will require the patience to build a trusting relationship with high ranking blog owners.

4. Using Major Directories

There are a number of major directories, such as DMOZ and Yahoo, which are extremely important tools that should be used to build solid high performing backlinks. In many instances, a site owner will be able to build some high ranking backlinks completely free. It is important to understand that this method requires early submission and a significant amount of patience. Sometimes it can take several weeks before the links are approved.

5. Using Forums

Forums can be very fertile soil for building some solid backlinks. This can be done by conducting a search for forums by using specific relevant keywords, ensuring that the site owner will have exposure to forums that are relevant to the content and services on their site. It will be important to locate forums that allow replies and comments.

Once the site owner has located forums that will be the ideal fit for their site, it will be important to familiarize themselves with the forum’s rules and conditions for participation. Some forums will require that new members be a part of the forum for a minimum amount of time or a minimum number of posts before they can include their link in their replies and comments.

It is also important to make sure that the replies that are posted on these forums have some level of relevance. Entering replies just for the sake of leaving a link is one of the quickest ways to get kicked off of the forum.

When these tips are followed consistently, they will produce a sound method of building high quality backlinks that will lead to higher page rankings and an increase in organic site traffic.