5 Tips to Beat The SEO Waiting Game

Written by: Jason Bayless | November 16, 2016
To develop a great SEO strategy, you must have a long-term plan that maximizes putting your website in front of many people. You want to generate great traffic flow, which eventually leads into sales. As with most business strategies, you need to have a plan that brings you a great return on investment. Many give up halfway through the process because they realize that SEO is not an overnight thing. It takes ongoing effort to get the desired result. While you want the additional traffic, what you are really after is multiple leads and making conversions from your web page. A site that is performing well is a great asset to any company. If you are one of those people that need to see results sooner rather than later, here are some ways you can speed things up.
1. Improve The Technical Aspects of Your Site

Conduct a quick SEO audit of your site. Identify any broken links, errors, or missing title tags. Are your images search engine-friendly? Your images must have alt attributes, and if they do not they need to be updated. Have you incorporated meta titles, descriptions, and other HTML tags into your page to make things easier for your viewers? Lastly, is your site mobile-friendly? Since most people use their smartphones to surf the web, having a mobile optimized site is imperative. It can be time-consuming to fix technical aspects of your site, but it is essential to increase traffic quickly.

2. Focus on Link Building

One way to make your ranking improve in the search engines is by using high-quality backlinks. Almost all sites on the internet are on the lookout for backlinks. Using high authority sites on a constant basis will increase massive traffic to your site. It takes creativity to build these links as well as tireless effort. Keep in mind, having great content will not build the links for you. It will, however, help to bring in great traffic and eventually sales. Don’t make content the basis of your entire SEO strategy. You need to have a proactive approach and seek to build quality backlinks.

3. Always Use Social Media

After you have a healthy link profile, make sure to cleaned up any low quality or spam link. Social media platforms amplify and endorse your content. Keep in mind that not every form of social media will work for every business. Make sure to wisely choose the outlet that suits your business. Support your social media outreach by having consistent content creation.

4. Create Communities

Building a community is the best way to interact with your intended market. For instance, if you are in the carpet cleaning business, having a forum about carpet cleaning and tough stains will allow you to interact on a personal level. Today’s business needs to be real and approachable. Don’t be afraid to use approachable humor either. Join in on discussions and be a listening ear too.

5. Get Professional Help

SEO is unquestionably a waiting game. You wait for gratifying opportunities, thrilling social media connections, and organic traffic growth. Nonetheless, SEO returns can be accelerated if you have the correct people working for you. Social media and SEO can make or break your marketing plan. Dealing with these virtual minefields can be tricky. You can do everything right but one silly mistake can bring it all crashing down. Make sure you have someone who can help relieve the burden of a marketing campaign. They should also understand the critical nature of SEO marketing.

Developing Patience with SEO

Businesses need powerful marketing tools. SEO is one of the best ways to increase sales by higher rankings in search engines. By making a judicious investment of both your time and money, you can build an SEO strategy that works for you. If you are not seeing those return on investments quickly, don’t be disheartened. It takes time to build a firm foundation for your business. However, once the foundation is built, it will support growth and more progressive outreach strategies.