5 Steps to Improving Your Website’s SEO

Written by: Jason Bayless | November 09, 2016
People trust and want to visit websites with higher search engine ranking. Many people will bypass ads because they believe the websites on the first pages are the best. This is why SEO is important; one of the only ways to get your website to the coveted first page is by properly using SEO techniques.
Maybe you have been trying some methods and have seen no improvements in your ranking. Luckily, there are many ways to improve your website’s SEO. None of the steps are complicated, and they will give you great results.

  1. Write Quality, Relevant Content: You can have thousands of backlinks and great keywords, but it won’t get you anywhere if your content is low quality. There is no way to get around needing great content. Also, relevance is important for your SEO. You have a specific audience who views your website for a purpose.

For example, an outdoor website can post content about fishing and hiking, but an article about babysitting is not relevant to your website. Also, make sure to use headlines, bold and tags to help.

  1. Keep the Content Coming: You have to update your content on a regular basis. Search engines look for frequently updated websites because it indicates the relevancy. Make sure to keep it fresh! In addition, aim for a few guest posts a month. Try to feature a guest poster as well as post on other websites in your niche area. This helps gain you more traffic and important backlinks.
  2. Add Images and Videos: Search engines understand people prefer to visit a website that utilizes more than just text. A solid block of text is boring and loses the interest of the readers quickly. Google gives preferences to websites that add images and videos to their text. This is why it is a great idea to have your own YouTube channel. You can insert videos into your text, describing a process or your products. It is a relatively easy process that will give you great rewards.
  3. Use Social Bookmarking Sites: Don’t discount the popularity of social bookmarking sites, such as Pinterest or StumbleUpon. They are a great opportunity to boost your SEO with minimal work. If you have accomplished the first three steps, your next step should be to place your URLs onto these sites.
    It is important to follow the guidelines for social bookmarking websites. Most of them prefer not to be used for promotional purposes, although there are a few designed for bloggers. Because of this, it is important to share more than your articles. Find websites in your niche area, and share relevant material for your followers.
  4. Don’t Forget Social Media: While social media is a great tool for marketing, it also plays an important factor into SEO. Google and other search engines look to these sites to see what is trending. Twitter is one of the most important sites to use. Share your most recent articles and URLs. This is also a way to share your backlinks, because by sharing the links, Google will index them at a faster rate.

Don’t just stop at Twitter. Make sure you have an active Facebook account, an Instagram account, and Google+. All of these play an important factor into your SEO, as well as boosting your website’s credibility.

Your website’s SEO is important for your overall success. These are five important steps to improve it, but make sure you are tracking your website as well. Using Google Analytics to track your visits, organic search rates, and more will give you valuable information into the success of your SEO strategies. Spend some time on SEO, and you will see improvements in a short amount of time.