5 Secrets to YouTube SEO

Written by: Jason Bayless | May 29, 2015

When it comes to social media platforms that can be extremely effective, it is hard to beat YouTube. The video hosting website will let anyone post a video of almost any length for free and then share that video with the world. It sounds easy and convenient, but it is the part about sharing the video with the world that gets tricky.

There are millions of videos on YouTube and they are all fighting to gain an audience. The good news is that once your video does gain an audience, it has the chance to go viral and give your company a lot of exposure. The bad news is that gaining that audience is not easy. However, there are five secrets SEO techniques you can use that will help you to get the kind of exposure your YouTube video needs to be effective.

Offer Something Different

KISSmetrics.com is an SEO resource that tells us that YouTube videos with something different to offer are usually the ones that get the traffic. A big part of YouTube SEO is having a video that entertains and informs and humor often plays a big role in getting hits.

If you don’t think that you can develop a humorous message for your YouTube video, then you are not thinking hard enough. A funny video that is done in good taste and still delivers your marketing message is going to get you more exposure than a corporate video that people probably do not want to see.

Target Your Videos

The ReelSEO.com website is an expert resource for information on YouTube SEO and that site recommends using good marketing information to target your videos at the right people. When you develop marketing materials, you use demographic information to decide how to write the message and decide what types of images to use. The same approach applies to YouTube SEO as you will need to develop a video that talks directly to your audience to get the best possible results.

Develop A Video Release Schedule

When you develop an audience that likes your videos, that audience will want to see new videos on a regular basis. One of the easiest ways to maximize your YouTube SEO is to develop a consistent video release schedule and stick to it.

For example, if you announce on your YouTube channel that you will be releasing new videos the first Monday of every month, then you will see your channel subscriptions go up and your YouTube traffic will go up as well. All of this helps to put your videos higher up into search results and also gets you better exposure in Google results as well.

Remember To Monitor Your Metrics

YouTube has an excellent user control panel that offers you every metric you could ever want for your videos. You can tell who is watching your videos, where your audience is located, how many times a day your videos are being watched, and anything else you would need to know to make your videos better and more effective.

Try Using Current Events

While you want your videos to be informational and useful, it doesn’t hurt to put out an entertaining video once in a while that capitalizes on a current headline. If there is some event that is getting a great deal of attention online, then develop a video about it and use that to bring in more traffic.

People use YouTube for a variety of reasons but the one underlying reason people use the video hosting website is to be entertained. Consistency in format and scheduling will help you to develop a recognizable brand, but entertaining your audience will bring in more traffic. Get familiar with YouTube SEO and start using your corporate videos to increase web traffic and help put more profit on your company’s bottom line.