5 Search Engine Optimization Tips for 2015

Written by: Jason Bayless | December 22, 2014


Making sure that searching for a site is easy is one of the most important pieces of mobile search optimization strategy. Making people think in terms of searching for a product or service means keeping the keywords conversational and easily identifiable. This will take a great deal of research on the part of individuals who are trying to market products or services. Talking with their target demographic prior to branding a web site is the best way to find out how people are going to search for the site itself. It is important to remember that there are many options which are vying for people’s attention. Therefore the most common search phrases must be used in order to maximize visibility and product market placement.


Even though the Internet has been around for almost 20 years exchanging links is still an important part of search engines optimization marketing strategy. This means partnering with businesses that have a similar objective and are local is an important strategy which can be used by small businesses to increase their ranking. Localized targeted marketing can be accomplished through the development of strong relationships with like minded business owners. This will help search engine optimization visibility and thereby create a more comprehensive profile of the target audience for a specific business.


Having a diverse compatibility with mobile devices is more important than ever before. For more mobile devices businesses accessible to the easier it will be to increase search engine ranking. The majority of individuals who use smart phones or tablets to access the Internet these days. This means having compatibility with multiple operating systems is essential to the development of a strong Internet presence for small businesses. Having the entire site compatible with multiple operating systems may take a little bit of extra work that will pay off in terms of return visitors and individuals who were willing to share information about the site with their e-mail list and social networks. The easier it is to access the site on the go the more popular it will become.


Having a clear understanding of the content that the target market any individual is trying to reach is interested in reading is still essential to the proper search engine optimization protocol. Business owners must provide reasons for people to return to the site on a consistent basis. This means being able to talk to the target demographic by having an open the interaction through a site form or other form of communication can be beneficial so that people are able to identify what they like to read on the site. Once the system established targeted marketing of premium content can be achieved for the benefit of the intended audience. This is a strategy which has worked for several years and still continues to be one of the cornerstones of maximized search engine indexing.


The development of a social media presence is necessary for a site to achieve maximum search engine ranking. This means that individuals must be willing to write content which is intended to be shared on social media sites. Many of the current algorithms for website ranking do factor in the amount of hits which come from social media links. This is because social media has become a great platform for search engines to determine which websites are generating the most traffic. Having multiple social media profiles can be good for a business which is trying to increase visibility and profitability. Sometimes, multiple profiles will also create a larger network of potential customers and repeat visitors which will be helpful for financial expansion as well.